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Zombie Combat Simulator MOD, Unlimited Equipment


Zombie Combat Simulator makes you in-charge of unit battling against the zombies. The game is developed by AirBlade Studio. It is listed in ‘Simulation’ category at the Play Store. It has got users’ ratings of 4.5stars. It has been downloaded over 100,000 times. The game size is 85 MB. You need to have Android 4.3 or later to play the game. It is available for free at the store but features in-app purchases as well. We are going tocoverZombie Combat Simulatormod below.

What’s New in this Version:

The current version of the game is 1.0.5, last updated on 2nd November 2017. The latest update brought new infection mode along with minor improvements and bug fixes.

Are you ready for an ultimate battle against zombies? Well, here is the time to cop up the challenge in extraordinary Simulation title i.e. Zombie Combat Simulator. It’s time to create a soldier and recruit team members. Now, lead your unit and carry out a strategy to move, aim and shoot. You can also play the title with your friends in thrilling Multiplayer mode. The game comes with enhanced visuals and good sound effects so you don’t get bored.

As far as the gameplay is concerned it is actually pretty good for a smartphone app, you get wide third person view with fluid controls. Zombie Combat Simulator is all about customization and modifications, for instance, you can create your soldier, you can create your maps, you can change the present rules and incorporate your own set of rules for your unit and for zombies as well. Changing these rules can have massive impact on how the friendlies and foes respond.

You can also go head to head with your friends or any other online player through the multiplayer. However, there are few drawbacks to this game, first of all, the environment looks too empty and gameplay can be a bit buggy. And sometimes it becomes impossible to get through the waves of zombies.

But not to worry, Zombie Combat Simulator mod will make the game easy for you. With this mod at androidveterans.com, you will be able to earn infinite equipment in the game.

Zombie Combat Simulator

How to Install ZOMBIE COMBAT SIMULATOR APK for Android: 

1) If you have already installed previous version of ZOMBIE COMBAT SIMULATOR in your device then uninstall it.

2) Download the ZOMBIE COMBAT SIMULATOR MOD APK file from the download link given below:

APK Download link: Click Here

3) Finally, install the ZOMBIE COMBAT SIMULATOR APK in your android device, run it, let the game download in-game content and enjoy playing game.

4) That is it. You have now successfully installed the ZOMBIE COMBAT SIMULATOR in your Android Device.

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