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Zombie Castaways game mod, Unlimited Money


Zombie Castaways features a fun and addictive gameplay based on fine storyline. The game has been developed by VIZOR APPS and is listed in ‘Simulation’ category at the Play Store. The game has got users’ ratings of 4.6 stars and has been downloaded over 5,000,000 times. This definitely makes it a must-try title. The game size is 69 MB and you need to have Android 4.0.3 or later to play the game. It is available for free at the store but features in-app purchases as well. And today we are going to cover Zombie Castaways mod below.

What’s New in this Version:

The current version of the game is 2.14, last updated on 23rd October 2017. The latest update brought new Halloween experience with restless ghosts and pumpkin barrels. Get ready to earn lot of items in exchange with this new update.

Zombie Castaways takes you to an amazing journey of zombie trying to become human. The story starts off with a simple little a zombie falling in love with a girl. In order to win her love back, he decides to become human. Now, he sets on a mission to find Zombium (a magic potion). You will be interacting with a number of zombies along your journey and they will be helping you with variety of chores such as mining, cleaning and building. On your mission, you will be exploring large islands and making your way to solving this zombie mystery. Being human requires you to undertake variety of tasks to achieve your goal. You are to grow unusual plants, fruits and flowers in order to create your magic potion called the Zombium. Moreover, you are to establish world famous buildings and complete tasks. Complete all the challenges to become the human and find your love.

While the game itself quite immersive having a modded apk takes it up a notch. With this mod you can have access to unlimited money and that means you can complete your tasks quickly, you can purchase thing at the go, simply means your Zombie can become human faster. Zombie Castaways mod will make the game easy for you.

With Zombie Castaways mod at androidveterans.com, you will be able to earn infinite money in the game.

Zombie Castaways

How to Install ZOMBIE CASTAWAYS APK for Android: 

1) If you have already installed previous version of ZOMBIE CASTAWAYS in your device then uninstall it.

2) Download the ZOMBIE CASTAWAYS MOD APK file from the download link given below:

APK Download link: Click Here

3) Finally, install the ZOMBIE CASTAWAYS APK in your android device, run it, let the game download in-game content and enjoy playing game.

4) That is it. You have now successfully installed the ZOMBIE CASTAWAYS in your Android Device.

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