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Wish list of features for Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Samsung is launching its new Galaxy Note 8 phone soon and it is getting considered as the royal smart phone of this series. We are not sure when this phone is getting launched but rumors are everywhere. We all know that Samsung latest Note series was totally destructed accidently by catching fire but this time Samsung is again launching its new Note 8 phone again. Everyone is also concerned about what Samsung will give in their new smart phone and they all are wishing for some new features. So today we are going to discuss wish list of features for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

When it comes to shape and gadget, most of the users are demanding this phone to be broader in shape and has S Pen too. This stylus is getting better in every note series of Samsung. It will work well with the new Android O as well. There was no Note 6 but now after Note 7 the Note 8 should definitely be equipped with this S Pen. This stylus is basically a crown to this phone.

Then there comes a sound demand and everyone is expecting Note 8 with Stereo speakers and Quad DAC support. Obviously everybody wants this expensive phone with all the expensive qualities as well. Many people love to have a high quality sound of their smart phones and this premium phone will definitely be launched with this feature and with quad DAC support the user will have a outstanding headphone sound quality experience too.

Having a costly phone then everyone wants a dual rear cameras with a good and great functioning sensors and better front sensors as well. There are many rumors for this dual camera to be launched with this phone too. But even after that everyone wants to have this feature on their new Note 8. These new sensors can shoot even in low light with wider angles and can zoom more than other single lens cameras.

Many people want to have a micro sd slot in their phones and Samsung has dropped this feature from their galaxy series few years back. This extra sd card slot helps the user to save the data in an extra card for personel or work use. Most of the manufacturers have dropped this extra card slot feature from their phones but users are demanding from Samsung to provide this feature in the new Note 8 whether it may have internal memory of 256GB.

So what do you think and according to you what features should be also provided in the new Note 8 series. Please share your ideas with us by commenting below.


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