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WhatsApp Is Getting Used By One Billion People Every Day


So guys Whatsapp just celebrated another achievement and you will be surprised to know about this. You read it write, Whatsapp is celebrating because it has now more than one billion user who are using it on regular and daily basis. And our today’s discussion is also about Whatsapp is getting used by one billion people every day. In a blog, Whatsapp shared that their users are sending and receiving more than 55 billion messages, 4.5 billion photos, and one billion videos on almost daily basis.

You may be not aware about who was actually the owner and behind the idea of Whatsapp but the real and actual owners were Brian Acton and Jan Koum. They then sold their app to Facebook in 2014 for billions of dollars. The app was not famous in its early days but when they sold it to Facebook, the app was almost in every android smart phone. The app was basically launched for iPhone in 2009 but then got too much fame and they released it for android in 2010. The number of users were almost 200 million in 2013.

This app almost took over all the messaging apps and made its way from zero to this point where more than billion users are using it on daily basis. Last year there were one billion users on monthly basis and now they are on daily basis. This app is in every hand and everyone loves it because of it’s unique and easy features. Though everyone has access to Facebook Messenger and WeChat but Whatsapp has won this race. The most beautiful thing about Whatsapp is that this app is totally free and has no ad spams in it. This thing is loved by all the users and they are not being disturbed with any sort of videos or picture ads.

With this app the user has unlimited messages access and he is not worried about the limited sms problem. If you have a slow internet, even then this app can send and receive messages. You don’t need to pay heavy prices for sms subscriptions now. Even with fast internet speed you can make voice and video calls as well with a single app and don’t need more than one app for these different tasks. This app uses your phone number and your contacts which is a good thing and you don’t need to find the other user anywhere else. You can even create groups and remain in touch with your friends and family.


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