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Use Of Fitness Apps For Healthy Activities


We are very thankful to our technology which has made everything easy for us by creating different sensors, apps etc. We are going to discuss use of fitness apps for healthy activities to lose weight and live a healthier life. We can track and record each and everything in our smart phones. When we are using these tools they are showing us the estimates which are not 100 percent accurate but these estimates are much better than manual assumptions. And if we know something, then it is much better than knowing nothing. But we must not completely rely on these tools.

Fitness Apps

Built-In Fitness App

Almost every new smartphone comes with a built in fitness apps. So you are not required to download any app to check your fitness levels. You can easily open the health app in Iphone 5s which will show you how much steps you have taken in a day. If you own a Samsung smart phone then you have S health app, Mi Fit app in Xiaomi devices etc. If your smartphone has no built in app for this purpose then you can use Google Fit by downloading it from Google Play Store.

Passive Tracking

It comes when you know your daily routine how much steps or walk you have done in a day and what you have eaten or how much calories you consumed or removed from your body. You can then simple try to track what activities you do in a day which help you in your healthy activities. There is an app named as ‘Moves’ which is available on android as well as for iphone users. This app reuires your gps tracking turned on and runs in your background while you use any other app on your phone. It will track where you go what you do what you eat. This app consumes battery so you should prepare yourself to charge your phone if you want to use this app.

There are many wearable watches in the market now which are just like smartphones. You can easily use them during workout. You don’t need to pull out your big screens to check your healthy activities. They are built for these purposes specially. The best watch for these activities is apple watch and it is praised by many people as a fitness tracker. It has heart rate sensor in it which is very important for any healthy activity.

you can track your sleep cycle with the help of these apps, even track what you eat and what you should not eat before sleep. You can also track your weight by getting up in morning, checking your weight on weighing machine and then you just need to enter the data there.

There are many third party apps available in Google Play Store like Strava, Moves, Fitbit, RescueTime, Gyroscope. You can also share these apps with your friends by adding them and they will be with you for a competition there. If you have used these apps or know any better app for tracking healthy activities then please share with us by commenting below.


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