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Turn Off Miscellaneous Notifications on Samsung S8


Samsung is one of the finest brands in market and it has launched its new gadget galaxy s8 and galaxy s8 plus. This device has almost each and everything in it. This phone has a great camera and a new design. This device is launched with the latest version of android. We are here to discuss how to turn off miscellaneous notifications on Samsung S8. So guys if you think your device is having too many notifications and you are annoyed by them then you can easily turn them off. Most of the time these notifications are not even useful and to help the user, Samsung has something new in the Galaxy S8. You can now customize your notification panel according to your requirements.

Miscellaneous Notifications

Notifications can be turned off very easily and it is very simple to turn off all notifications for all the applications installed in your device. The main thing is you can now check each and every application for its notification. Samsung has allowed the access to their users in the new Galaxy S8 device to check specifically which apps are important for notifications. Now you can open any particular app and check its notifications, if you think the app is good enough and its notifications are helpful then you must keep it on. Even you can turn off the sound for specific notifications, set your priority status, etc.

Now we are going to show you how easily in such simple steps you can turn the notifications of certain apps on or off easily.

  • You just need to go to Settings first.
  • Now you must select Notifications.
  • You can now toggle All apps on/off at the top.
  • You can even also select certain apps for which you want to turn the notification on or off.

In order to select certain app’s notification you must select an app of your choice for which you want to turn the notifications on or off Notifications settings.

Now you can tap Allow notifications on to get notifications from certain app.

You can even select an option ‘show silently on’ which can help in blocking previews in pop up notifications, it also blocks the sound and vibrations as well.

You can also select ‘On lock screen’ notification settings, which allows the user whether he may be able to check the notifications in lock screen. They can be made show or hidden easily.

By selecting something as priority, you are allowing the notification sounds, viberations, lock screen or even while do not disturb is on. You will be notified.

So guys if you think this has helped you or if you have anything better than this then please share your ideas with us by commenting below.


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