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Smart phones are getting faster day by day


We all know smart phones are getting launched day by day with unique and faster capabilities which a lay man could only assume. According to Gordon Moore’s Law, transistors will be doubled with time in integrated circuits. He was the co founder of intel. Well now this law has been applied to many tech devices which are used on daily basis by us. Our main focus is android smart phones. We have seen the impact of this law on our smart phones as they are getting too much unique and faster processors and rams. So today we will discuss with you all smart phones are getting faster day by day.

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There is one thing pertinent as well which should be mentioned here that our smart phones are much better and superior to computers which are used at NASA. This logic cannot be denied in a certain way because we can now play heavy graphics video games or can watch 4k quality video on our little smart gadget without any difficulty or lag. If we consider Moore’s law then his law cannot be implemented now because devices are not getting faster with double speed. No doubt the new upcoming devices are getting more technology than previous ones but not as double.

Let’s take an example of Samsung smart phones. In past, Samsung introduced a revolutionary series S which had everything of that time in it. With passage of time, new handsets were launched with new technologies of that time. The performance of processors, display, ram, storage, camera, software, and even water resistance tech etc are now improved. From that time, if we say then the technology has evolved many times than that time’s devices. The theory of more transistors in unit does not make it faster. There are many other things now.

So guys we have shared this knowledge with you and now we also want to know what you think about it. Do you think that the technology used in our smart phones will get more improvements with time? Will they be more power efficient and faster? Please share your thoughts with us by commenting below.


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