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Shadow Fight 2 Unlimited Money and Gems MOD v1.9.32


Shadow Fight 2 Unlimited Money and Gems MOD APK, is an action packed game having a mix of role-playing and hard actioned Martial Arts combat. You must remember the Facebook Game, shadow Fight, developed by Nekki; Shadow Fight 2 is a continuation of the same game. The game enjoys a 4.6 rating on Google PlayStore which testify to the high amount of addiction that is associated with this game.

Shadow Fight 2 Unlimited Money and Gems allows you to provide your character with lethal weapons and the spice to this mix is the presence of a wide arsenal of weapons. The game recreates many of the Martial Art Technique in a life like action with some highly stellar graphics. Combat sequences are designed in an amazing fashion and feel real, added to the sequences is the intuitive touch control which enhances the fighting experience. As for environment, it includes six different worlds which are filled with terrifying demons that you have to defeat.

The combat mechanics are more timing based than button smashing which can be good or bad depending on the situation. Another added feature in the game is inclusion of the energy bar which drains after each fight. Once the energy bar is all drained out, you have to the replenish it. It would take you quite a few turns to get used to combat sequences because sometimes the controls can be a bit lagging. Apart from the gameplay, Shadow Fight 2 has certainly augmented in the field of visuals. The graphics are more vivid, color are more vibrant and the overall environments have been aesthetically designed. The amount of sheer work that has gotten into this game speaks for itself.

The game shows promise and potential, it can be a good, if not great, game. With improved combat mechanics and better button control, Shadow Fight 2 can certainly be at par with some the best games at Google Play store.

Shadow Fight 2 Unlimited Money and Gems

Through various quests, you can earn gems or coins while playing game. However we at Android Veterans present Shadow Fight 2 Unlimited Money and Gems mod apk free download, which allows you to have shadow fight apk hack unlimited money and gems no root.

How to Install Shadow Fight 2 Unlimited Money and Gems:

Follow the below given steps to install the shadow fight 2 mod apk android.

1) Remove the Playstore version of game from your phone or tablet.

2) Download shadow fight hack apk from the link below. You may need to give permission to install APKs and Enable it from the phone’s settings.

3) After download install the APK, run it and let it download in-game content (OBB). Once game starts, you will have infinite amount of gems, coins and energy.

You can now go berserk! Share your score with us, Send us your valuable feedback about your combats in the comments section below. If you want us to MOD your favorite games, let us know in the comments or by go to the Contact Us page and email to us.


  1. uninstall the application. Then go to Andoid/OBB and delete the shadow fight 2 related files from there.
    Again install the MOD.

  2. Hi! this is my first time on this site, and i have few questions to ask:
    why does the apk need to find accounts on my phone?
    why does it need google billing service too?
    please reply asap thanks!

  3. The file with link said above,is it already .apk because when i download it,the name has “.apk” on it..I am confused bruh..

  4. When I opened the game after downloading,It says,”shadow fight 2 download failed,you may not have purchased the app” Please give me the link for their files ASAP..Thanks!

      • Yeah. The game is just normal for me alsoo…how long will it take you guys to fix this…btw big fan of you guys keep up the good work !

  5. Brother the game won’t start. It force closed back to phone menu, always like that. I have uninstalled the original game and run cleaner just in case there is leftover file, then install downloaded apk..
    What do i miss? any advice? Please help.

  6. Why cant i run this modded apk with asus zenfone 2 4gb ram? but Its working fine when i test with xiao mi mi4c.
    Please help

  7. Its working.. but unlimited energy makes it more fun and can i update it to latest version? Its asking for update

  8. Sir, could you please buy the energy refill and never lets energy down and after reaching interlude and titan could you hack the amount of money for that also?
    Thank – You

  9. Dude am out of words. You guys are awesome… You should do this for all games on android… Am gonna spread the word YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST !!


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