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Shadow of Death Dark Knight game mod, Unlimited Money


Shadow of Death Dark Knight takes you to an ultimate battlefield. The game is developed by Zonmob Game Studio and is listed in ‘Action’ category at the Play Store. It has got users’ ratings of 4.5 stars and has been downloaded over 100,000 times. The game size is 70 MB and requires you to Android 4.1 or later to play the game. It is available for free at the store but features in-app purchases as well. We are going to cover Shadow of Death Dark Knight mod below.

What’s New in this Version:

The current version of the game is, last updated on 2nd December 2017. The latest update brought minor bug fixes and few improvements.

Shadow of Death Dark Knight takes you to the City of Light i.e. Aurora’s Land. Long ago King Luther ruled the land with firm hand and kind heart, those seemed to be prosper times. Information such as knowledge of astrology, medicine and alchemy was used for the benefit. However, the tragedy began in the city when the 15th King Luther used the traditional studies for horrible and evil purposes and tried to resurrect his sister. As a result, strange creatures and non-curable diseases surfaced and threatened to destroy the humanity. Here is when Max, the main protagonist, comes as the legend of Shadow of Death a he tries to save humanity and unravel what has happened to himself and his beloved land. Get on the journey to conquer the dark world as you fight across number of opponents. There are dozens of weapons including swords, armors and others for you to collect. The game has a sound balance of RPG and melee fighting sequences. The game is based on fine visuals and good storyline so you don’t get bored.

Although, the game is pretty intense and can be hard at times, but with our help everything can be made easy by downloading the modded apk and getting unlimited money. Simply follow the step by step guide below and get Shadow of Death Dark Knight mod on your android device.

With this mod at androidveterans.com, you will be able to get earn infinite money in the game.

Shadow of Death Dark Knight

How to Install SHADOW OF DEATH DARK KNIGHT APK for Android: 

1) If you have already installed previous version of SHADOW OF DEATH DARK KNIGHT in your device then uninstall it.

2) Download the SHADOW OF DEATH DARK KNIGHT MOD APK file from the download link given below:

APK Download link: Click Here

3) Finally, install the SHADOW OF DEATH DARK KNIGHT APK in your android device, run it, let the game download in-game content and enjoy playing game.

4) That is it. You have now successfully installed the SHADOW OF DEATH DARK KNIGHT in your Android Device.

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