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Set Your Finger Print Reader on Samsung Galaxy S8


If you are aware about Samsung galaxy s8 new feature then you should be happy about it. Samsung has introduced its fingerprint reader positioning feature in its new galaxy s8 devices. This feature is used very often by users so Samsung has made no compromise in this regard. Today we are here to discus with you how to set your finger print reader on Samsung galaxy s8.

Finger Print Reader

Samsung invites you to go through the process of its initial setup and you must take that into consideration. Keep in mind that skipping this process will not let you enhance your experience towards this technology. And now we are going to help and guide you about this new technology below which is how you can set up your fingerprint reader.

For setting your finger print reader you must go to your device settings and then tap on the lock screen and security option. Now you need to select fingerprint scanner. You are asked to enter your PIN number there. Now you will be asked again to scan your fingerprint and then you must scan your finger for few times again and again until the scanner has completely scanned it.

Now your fingerprint will be added to the device security after getting scanned for few times. You can also add some more fingerprint ids by selecting add more finger print from the options of fingerprint scanner. This fingerprint scanner also allows the user to activate the Samsung Pass and Samsung account verification.

Once you are done with your finger print sensor settings now you must know how you can manage gestures through fingerprint sensor. You don’t need to pull down or up or notifications on screen by touching it, you can do this with your finger print sensor. These settings are provided by Samsung and you don’t need any app for this. These are turned off by default in your device. You can turn these settings on by going into the Settings and then selecting Advanced features and turn on the finger sensor gestures. And now you are done with it you just need to test it for your satisfaction.

So guys now you are able to understand how this fingerprint reader can be set up and used and if you have any query in your mind then you can ask us by commenting below.


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