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We all know there are many android smart phones in the market. And one of the biggest manufacturers of smart phones is Samsung. Samsung always come with some new and different ideas. Few months back Samsung Launched Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus for its users who were eagerly waiting for these new smart phone devices. In addition to these phones Samsung also launched another model Galaxy S8 Active for its users which did not get that much highlight which Samsung was expecting. So our today’s discussion is totally about Samsung Galaxy S8 Active smart phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8

In 2015 Samsung launched Galaxy S6 Active which was much better than the Galaxy S5 Active. After that Samsung launched Galaxy S7 series with edge display and it also got hit in the market. And now is the time when Samsung featured an infinity display screen with Galaxy S8 series. They also have launched this infinity display in Note 7. But when we talk about S8 Active, then guys Samsung has kept something very important in their mind which is durability. The bezels are larger in size; the display screen is flat not edgy, as compared to simple Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus versions.

The Active version of S8 is far better and durable. If your hands are slippery then this phone is basically built for you. Even if this phone drops, it will survive for sure. This phone is covered with a plastic material. And if we see the simple version of S8, then it is made up of glass. This Active S8 is basically a stronger phone in looks and in real. Samsung has gotten much better and even the IP certificates given to their smart phones are admirable. This S8 Active is water resistant smart phone. So you should not be worrying about dropping it in water. This phone also has MIL-STD-810G rating as well.

This large and giant size S8 Active also has a giant battery as compared to Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus. The battery in this S8 Active is 4000 mAh which is almost 30times better than Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus. The camera is totally same and all other specs are same as well. This time, they have not given this phone an active key which was given in S6 Active or other variants. Now you can use Bixby despite of Active key. So guys what are your thoughts about this phone? Do you own this phone? Please share your ideas with us as well by commenting below.


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