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Samsung DeX Just Like PC Used Through Galaxy S8


In this era, smart phones are more popular than PCs and are capable of doing everything. Samsung has made its devices to be used as almost like a PC and recently it has launched Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus with an optional extra used as Samsung DeX. This is almost like a PC. You need to have a Samsung DeX station which is capable of charging, throughput, USB and HDMI ports. So guys if you have this Samsung DeX station and you want to start it then please check out the discussion below.

Samsung DeX

In order to use the Dex, you will be required to have a TV, Projector, monitor as an external display. These must be HDMI supported and then you need to have a keyboard and mouse as well which can be either wireless or wired. You will also required to have your samsung’s fast charger. If you use wireless keyboard and mouse then usb ports on DeX station will be free so its upto you which option you select for keyboard and mouse. There is also one thing which must be kept in mind that these gadgets must be compatible with android devices in order to be used on DeX station.

When you are ready with these all things then starting your DeX station is just a piece of cake with these simple steps.

Attach your HDMI cable with the DeX Station’s display.

Then you need to connect your Samsung branded fast charger to the DeX station.

Now connect the keyboard and mouse. If you are using wired keyboard and mouse then connect them directly into the usb ports. If you want to use the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse then they must be setup on your galaxy s8 first otherwise they wont work.

Note: If your mouse or keyboard are not getting paired with Android and includes a USB dongle in the box, then you need to connect the USB dongle into the USB-C to USB adapter in the box of your Galaxy S8, connect it to your S8 and then you will be able to pair.

And when you are paired, you just need to leave it plugged into one of the USB ports on the back of the DeX station.

Slide the top of the DeX Station down and place your Galaxy S8 inside, making sure to properly connect it to the USB-C port.

Now your S8 screen will be gone black and the monitor or TV should display the Samsung DeX logo. This Samsung DeX follows the same security options as the Galaxy S8, so whether it’s a pattern, pin, iris or fingerprint recognition, you can use it to unlock Samsung DeX.

This must be kept in mind you cant change your security settings in DeX station. And other than that you are almost on your PC and can enjoy anything you want.


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