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Run Android Apps on macOS


There is a huge difference in desktop and mobile applications. But with time this difference is decreasing day by day. Desktop apps are built up for mobile apps but nobody is working to build mobile apps into desktop apps. But if you are using MacBook then it is easy to run android apps on macOS. For this purpose you need some third party programs and then you need to make them set. You can even access the Google Play Store on your MacBook.



If you want to run android apps then you need to install the full version of android operating system itself. You need to download the free virtualbox software and its build that has been made for Intel Processors.

Download: VirtualBox (Free)

Download: x86 build of Android

Set Up VirtualBox

After downloading these, you need to set up these programs. You need to launch them from the main screen, click New and create any name for your machine. Under type, select Linux, and for Version, choose Other Linux (64-bit). Then click on the Continue tab. For the next screens you can choose the default settings. When it comes to storage on hard disk,then select fixed size. After that the next screen is File location and size, where you need to choose the folder icon and place where you want to save. Your virtual device is ready now and you must install Android on it now. Come back to the main screen and select Android Virtual Machine and then click start. Select the android ISO file which was downloaded from the link given above. You will be installing the operating system now or even you can run it without installing. Its better to install the system because you will be asked each time to setup the program if you only run it without installing.

NOTE: Remember that you will need to use the keyboard for few task and then click enter after doing each setting.

Install Android

First thing to be done is to create a virtual partition on te hard disk. There your android will be installed. Select new to make a new partition then make it primary. After that hit enter. Highlight the bootable icon and click enter. When it is completed use your cursor to scroll, write and enter. If you are warned about losing data then don’t worry, you are not actually creating real partition so simply type yes and start it. When it is completed then scroll cursor to quit and enter. Now you will see choose partition screen where you need to select the virtual partition and there your android will be installed. When the next screen appears, choose ext4 in choose file system and hit yes to confirm. You will be asked whether you want to install the boot loader or not, choose yes and then skip the other screen. When it is completed you will be asked to run android and after hitting yes you will be entered in a new window.

Android on MacOS

Now you have successfully installed android on your macOS and you know all about android how you can use it. You can control it with even mouse by going into inout settings. You can now use your google account and can download apps. Remember that you will not have access to all the apps. But hopefully you will be running many of your favorite apps.

If you think this helped you or if you have any other better idea then please share with us by commenting below.


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