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How To Print From Android Devices


These days, android devices can do anything for us which make them very useful to us. We can store music and massive documents of any type in our devices. We are here to discuss the great feature which is print from android devices

If you don’t have wifi supported printer then you should not be worrying about it. Google has made a new way to link our printer with chrome account and phone to print easily. This setup is discussed here in detail to make you understand how to do it.

How To, Print, From Android Devices

Connect to Google cloud print

There are many printers which are capable to print via Bluetooth, wifi, etc. But these printers are not in access of everyone. So, many people try to run this idea through cloud. Google cloud print is a feature where you register your printer, connect it to internet so you can operate it from anywhere.

One thing must be kept in mind that there are also some printers that do not work with Google cloud print. You should check it through the link given below whether your printer is compatible or not.


Following steps are required to connect your printer

  1. Open Google chrome on PC
  2. Log in to your Chrome account
  3. Click on the menu button
  4. Click settings
  5. Click on show advanced settings
  6. Select manage in Google cloud print section
  7. Click add printers
  8. You will have a list of available printers and you need to check the one you want to add. Click add printers and your printer will be detected.

Print from android device:

Many android devices have built in Google cloud print. But if your device has not built in app then you can download it from here :


When you have Google cloud print you don’t need to run the app itself for printing. It is just an add-on to your device software. Just make sure the google account linked here is the same account that was linked on your PC.

  1. Open any document you want to print.
  2. Select menu button.
  3. Click print which will take you to a new page.
  4. Click the down arrow that sits just to the right of Save as PDF.
  5. Select the printer you want to print from.
  6. When you are ready, click the print button.


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