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Plastic OLED Is Coming In Market


All the persons who are in touch with the technology and latest smart phones know that LG launched a smart phone G FLEX2 which has super powers. Yeah you read that right, it was made with an ergonomic curved display screen which has the ability to heal back again without doing anything but wait. Now many people like Samsung’s new Amoled display which is also super cool but it does not allow the screen to reshape itself. The technology which was used in LG’s FLEX series is known as Plastic OLED (POLED). And today we are going to discuss that plastic oled is coming in market again.

Plastic OLED

This technology is also used by many smartwatch manufacturers as well. Now LG has made a huge investment again in this technology and will rise back again in the market with something new and more cool. In a latest report by LG they said they are making more production of POLED sheets now for future’s new smartphone. LG claims that this technology is almost ready but they are still working on it to make it more powerful for everyone. There are also some rumors that iphone 8 and Google is trying to buy this technology from LG for their own benefits but still LG is producing these OLED units for its own smartphones right now.

There was a drawback of this OLED display screen in past which was its low display resolution and now LG has almost worked on it and making the display panels more powerful with high quality of display resolution. Now the new panels are QHD and have 1080p display resolution. These plastic OLEDs are very beneficial if compared with the glass panels. They have a huge amount of power to bear and are durable. They are flexible which gives them the advantage to absorb shocks and makes them perfect. They are less likely to get cracked and can bear a crack or breakage if the smartphone falls down. These panels are much thinner than glass panels and are getting popular in the market. Even this technology is also getting used in some vehicles.

So guys we are hopeful that this technology will also be used by iphone, Google and Samsung as well and their smartphones will also become non breakable. What are your views about this technology, please share your ideas with us by commenting below.


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