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Plants vs Zombies 2 MOD APK unlimited Money+Sprouts+Sun


Plants vs Zombies 2 is an exciting strategy game developed by Electronic Arts. The game is 550 Mb of size and requires Android version of 2.3 and up. In Plants vs Zombies, our main objective is to stop zombies from crossing the Zen Garden. We are available with different types of plants. All plants have their own unique powers that attack Zombies. Bonk Choy, bam biDextrous, Laser Bean and insatiable chomper are the plants that help us killing Zombies.

We need to choose the plant wisely to plot the winning strategy. Once plotted, Plants start targeting the zombies. We are available with a plant that produces the sunflowers. Sunflowers can then be used to plot more plants in the lawn. We are given with a time limit to plant the fighting plants. Once, time is out, a huge wave of zombies attacks our lawn. If we are successful in killing the wave of Zombies, we win the round. Therefore, be very careful in planning out the winning strategy in given time limit.

The game gets more intense and keeps on your toes as you move along the levels. With vivid graphics and smooth gameplay, Plants vs Zombies 2 clearly stands out from its previous iteration. Although, some of the missions may get bland but they are good for collect small bonus and coins, similarly there are missions where you would find yourself attacked by waves of zombies. But not to worry, there are few new added powers ups that can come in handy for instance, Power Pinch allows you to behead zombies, whereas, Power Toss gives you the ability to literally toss up the zombies and swipe them out the area. Power Zap lets you electrocute them but all these abilities come at a cost and you better not use them frequently if you intend to save up little cash for upgrades.

Are you looking for Plant vs Zombies Game mod? Android Veterans brings you the Modded apk of Plant vs Zombies 2. With the Modded game you get unlimited coins, unlimited sprouts, infinite Gems, Unlimited World Sprouts, unlimited special powers and unlimited Plant foods. Download the Modded apk from link given below and enjoy playing the Plants vs Zombies 2 with everything unlocked and powered up.

plants vs zombies 2

Follow the below given steps to install the Modded Plants vs Zombies 2 in your Android Device:

1) If you have already installed Plants vs Zombies 2 in your device then uninstall it.

2) Download the apk file from the download link given below:

APK Download link: Click Here (v6.5.1)

4) Finally, install the modded apk in your android device, run it, let the game download in-game content and enjoy playing game.

Please, take sometime to see all the files in extracted folder, different variants of game are provided. Install the apk that matches with your mood and enjoy killing the Zombies. With its wide range of modes and countless customizations blended with unlimited coins and keys, the modded apk allows you to go berserk on zombies.

Do write us if you face any kind of problem. We are more than happy to help you.


  1. In order to install the app, you need to install Package installer. Also enable the permission to install apk from unknown sources.

    • You don’t need to open obb file. Just paste it in sdcard00/Android/Obb/here.

      Or else you can let the game download Obb files itself.

    • You don’t need to open Obb download link. Just install the modded apk, run the game and let the game to download in-game content


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