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Whenever there is a time of vacations whether summer or winter, we usually eat a lot with family and friends. And after that break we feel that we have gained too much wait and to lose that we need to do many workouts and calories burning exercises. Thanks to smart phones, there are many apps in the market which also help us in reducing weight.  We are discussing the perfect diet and nutrition apps which will help you in your nutritional diet plans.



This app helps the user to find out the nutritional value of the food they want to buy or eat in the market through barcode scanner. This app is easily available on Android and IOS. It basically provides grade from A to D which can be given to the food. If the user cooks the food then he/she can easily check the grade and nutritional value of the food they are cooking. If you purchase the pro version of this app then all the ads featuring in the app will be removed and many new features of the app will be unlocked.


First of all we need to buy good food so that we can eat good and this app helps us in purchasing the good food. It is basically our shopping assistant and tells us what things are good for health and what things are only fats. There are many categories in this app for heart patients, athletes, trainers etc. you can easily find your food according to your profile. You use a barcode scanner in this app as well.This app is easily available on Android and IOS.


This app allows the user to build a healthy lifestyle. You can lose weight, gain muscle mass with the help of this app. You need to choose a fitness plan for yourself and then need to work on that or you can also make your own fitness plan as you like. The user can choose which food is good for them through barcode scanner which will show the nutritional value of the food. You are reminded with time to check your eating habits, whether you need to eat or drink. Its premium subscription allows you the special diet plans. This app is also very popular on Google Play Store.

Sparkpeople Weight Loss Diet & Calorie Counter

This is a total fitness app which counts the calories and guides the user for different exercises. The app community has more than 4 million food items available which can be checked through barcode scanner. You can easily record your workout log and can send virtual gifts to other users via this app which will motivate them. It also integrates with different trackers and devices and totally free. It is easily available on Google Play Store and IOS.

So if you guys think these apps are worthy to be used for your diet and nutrition plan or if you have any other app in your mind then please share with us by commenting below.


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