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Nintendo launched Super Mario Run for Android


Many new games are introduced by Nintendo in the market and the demand of those games is too much as well among the users. Nintendo is also working on mobile gaming for smart phone users. One of the very famous game from our early childhood is super Mario which is now available even for android users now after its success on the IOS.

Super Mario

In September 2016, Apple launched iPhone 7 and Nintendo was working on Mario for mobile gaming. Nintendo then launched Super Mario Run for IOS in December 2016. Android users were still waiting for this game eagerly to be announced for their devices and now thanks to Nintendo the wait is finally over.

This game is similar to the runner games available in the market. The genre of this game is very good. This game checks and tests its user about his concentration towards the game. The subject is running in the screen while you have to make him jump by tapping your screen. Now it is up to you how big you make him jump. This game is very difficult if you think you can easily play the game then you should install and play the game.

This game was highly appraised by the IOS users and after its success Nintendo launched it for android. It is pertinent to mention here that this game will not make you frustrate easily. It is very exciting and thrilling game. If you have any experience of games like subway surfers, temple run then you know how bad it feels when you are achieving high score and suddenly your player is caught.

Super Mario Run can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. It was released with three modes till now which are World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder. This game costs you 9.99$ if you want to play the full version or else you will only have access to few courses in the free mode of this game.

This game is super cool and you must try this game. If you need to spend ten dollars for this game then it’s not a big deal because it unlocks everything for the user. You don’t need to pay extra money each time to unlock different features of game.

Nintendo made a good business with this game in January. It earned 54 million dollars when it was launched for IOS. And now we can calculate how much it would have made after its launched on the Google Play Store. So guys if you think this game is good or if you have not tried this game yet and want to try then install it and play it. Please give us your feed back as well about this game by commenting below.


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