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New technology in smart phones


Smart phones have almost taken the whole market in the world and almost every person uses smart phone. They are featured with new technology having a high processor and ram. Companies of these smart phones are also working on them day by day for new improvements in their manufactured smart phones.  Today we are going to discuss the new technology in smart phones which is getting very popular in market as well.

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If we talk about the new technology, then now a days, manufacturers of popular smart phones like Lenovo and Samsung are working on bendable, flexible, and foldable screens. This is the next level big achievement for the smartphones company if they get success in doing it for public. This technology will change everything and people will have more big and huge screens with them. Samsung and Lenovo are already testing this technology and they are optimistic about this technology.

Most probably this technology will be used in smart watches before they introduce this technology for smart phones. But it is not confirm and if the manufacturers find it worthy to launch this technology in smartphones then they will, without any hesitation. These companies are working on such great products for future purposes. There are also many rumors about Samsung’s Galaxy X which will be a foldable phone in market this year or in next year. Some reports say that this phone will be launched in 2018 but with no certainty.

When it comes to reality then we already have seen some flexible phones like LG G Flex, Flex 2 and Samsung’s Edge technology as well. And if we even say that these bendable phones will not work then atleast more dureable and flexible phones will definitely arrive in the market.

So guys what are your thoughts about this new technology. Do you think this new technology will make its place in the market. Please share your ideas with us as well by commenting below.


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