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New Bluetooth Battery Level Indicator In The Upcoming Android Version


So guys we all use smartphones in our daily routine and sometimes we need to connect our phones with some other phones via Bluetooth or with some other devices. But whenever we connect our devices we are not sure about how much battery and signals our device is consuming and producing. This thing can be very frustrating at times and there is not a permanent solution for this issue but we have some third party apps available for this issue like BatON is an app which is used for such purposes. We also have heard some rumors about the new Bluetooth battery level indicator in the upcoming Android version, so lets discuss it.

Bluetooth Battery Level Indicator

According to XDA Developers, there will be a Bluetooth battery level indicator in the future update of Android version which will notify us about the consumption level of our battery. If you guys own a Samsung, LG or OnePlus smartphones then it is not a new thing for you all but for all the other smart phone users this will surely help a lot. This setting will be available in their stock android skin and they can have access to it through settings of their phone. This feature is already introduced with Bluetooth but is under process and Google is also working on it for its perfect results. With the new update, every user will have a new pop up notification about their Bluetooth usage as well.

There are still some third party apps available for this issue which allows the user to have access with your battery levels and the user can easily see how much battery is getting consumed with Bluetooth. These third party apps display another battery level indication in the notification area. You can even make a widget as well to notifying about the battery alert indication. These apps are almost free but are surrounded by ads which sometimes disturb a lot.

So guys in order to have a free and stock Bluetooth indication for battery level, we have to wait and this is the only bad thing. We are not even sure about when this new update will hit the market and region but still our hopes are high and fingers crossed. Perhaps the update will arrive in 2018. What do think about this new and cool feature please share your review about this feature which will be introduced soon and then we will not be worrying about our Bluetooth. Please tell us by commenting below.


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