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Make Backup of Installed applications, saved files, Photos, videos and songs


Whenever you are going to root, update or install custom ROM in your device it is better to make backup of all your stored data in Android device. Backup will allow you to save your data in computer so that you can get it back in your Smartphone anytime you want. Backup can be created using any Backup making application, however, in this tutorial you will learn to make backup of installed Apps, Pictures, songs, videos and other stored file through Airdroid.

Airdroid is an app that is used to make connection between computer and smartphone through LAN connection. Smartphone will be than accessed using browser on computer and backup will then be created. Airdroid app is available on Google Play store. Download and install Airdroid.

How to connect Airdroid:

  • Tap on the airdroid app icon and run it.
  • From your computer system type in browser the IP address that is displayed on the airdroid app. We recommend you to access airdroid through http://web.airdroid.com.
  • When webpage loades, it will ask you to tap on yes on your Smartphone. By doing so, browser will load and Smartphone will be accessed.
  • Several icons will be displayed on the browser. You can also listen to songs, watch videos or send messages through Airdroid.

Follow the instructions below to make Backup of:

  • Installed Applications
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Music
  • Files

Click on the above listed folder to open them. A list of all stored or installed content in your Smartphone will appear. Make selection of all those that you want to make backup of. To make backup of everything, select all apps, songs, photos, videos or files and click on download button located at the right top corner of dialogue box. Your all selected objects will then download as .zip file. Save the .zip file in your computer. After updating your Smartphone, extract the .zip file and put your photos, videos, songs and other files back to SmartPhone. The apps you download in your computer through Airdroid will be in .apk format; so these apps needs to be reinstalled so, don’t worry; the information stored in the Apps will not be lost. Once the backup has been made, you can continue with the root or update tutorial.

Airdroid can also be used to upload files back to Smartphone. Just drag and drop the file you want to upload and airdroid will do it for you.


  1. Totally awesome! thanks for the info in this post, I am a new android user and each day that goes by I wonder why i didnt switch to android sooner!


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