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Make backup of Contacts and Text Messages


Before updating your Android Smartphone, make sure that you make backup of your important text messages and contacts. Backup will allow you to store your contacts and text messages somewhere so that you can get them back after updating or rooting your Android device. In this tutorial, you will learn to make backup of contacts list and text messages.

Create backup of Text messages:

You can use any text messages backup application to create backup however, we recommend you to use SMS Backup+ app. The app is available at Google play store. Download and install SMS Backup+.

After you have installed SMS Backup+, tap on the app icon to run it. Now you need to connect your SMS backup+ app with your Google Account. Tap on connect and chose your Google account. Once, the app integrates with Google account click on the Backup button to create backup of all text messages. Your all text messages will get stored in your Google account after the backup completes.

Similarly, you can restore your text messages anytime you want. Press the restore button and wait until all the text messages get restored in your Smartphone.

Create backup of Contacts:

Before rooting or updating the smartphone, everyone worry about the contacts that are stored in the phone. Since, contacts list is the most important thing of all therefore, creating backup of contacts is something vital importance. Creating backup doesn’t need any app as contacts can be simply export to SDcard or internal memory and thus, backup can be created. However, you can use apps to make backup of contacts.

To make backup of contacts, go to contacts and open settings/options. From there, select Import/Export. Different option will then appear on the screen. Tap on “Export to SD card” or “Export to SIM card” to create a .vcf file having list of your contacts. In order to reverse and get the contacts back, just go to your SD card where contacts were exported. Make selection of .vcf file and you will get your contacts back to phone book.

Now that you have created backup of your Text messages and Contacts, you can get them back anytime you want.



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