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[How to] Make Android device a Security camera


Have you ever thought of converting your Android device into a security camera? Yes, your device can act as a Security Camera and thus you can watch around inside and outside the House right through the Android Device that you keep with yourself almost all of the time. This can prove to be very useful as there is no need to buy expensive cameras. Android device can perform the job of security cameras. As far as in-home surveillance is concerned, the method we am going to explain here in this article works out the best.

What is required?

1)      Two Android devices. They can be either SmartPhones or tablets.

2)      Wifi Router. Internet connection is optional.

Apps Required:

1)      TinyCam Monitor

2)      IP Webcam

Both of the above applications are available on PlayStore. Take one Android device and install the TinyCam monitor in it. This should be the device that you keep with yourself. Similarly, take another Android device, preferably spare one as it will be acting as camera, and install IP webcam in it. Turn on the Wifi of both devices and connect them to same router.

How to set-up the device with IP Webcam?

1)      Run the IP WebCam Application, scroll down and enable the Stream on device boot option to make the camera accessible via IP address.

2)      Tap on Local broadcasting, look for Port option and set it to 8080.

3)      When you are done with above settings, tap Start Server to begin Camera streaming. At the bottom, IP address along with Port is displayed. Remember the address. In my case, it was

That’s it we are done with configuration of IP WebCam App. We can now move to the second Android device in which TinyCam Monitor is installed.

To Do with TinyCam Monitor Installed Android device:

1)      Run the TinyCam monitor app and go to Manage cameras.

2)      Tap on Preferences or Settings button left to menu Button. There you will see the “Add camera” option. Add the Camera.

3)      Follow the on screen instructions and change the name of camera if you wish to. Now Tap on Camera Vendor, search and select “IP Webcam for Android”.

4)      Move to Hostname/IP address option and enter the IP address that is displayed on the “IP WebCam App”. Type the IP Address before the Port Part for example, in my case it was

5)      As soon as you enter the correct IP address, “OK” message will appear against the camera Status option on the top of the settings.

6)      Now again go to “Manage cameras” and uncheck all the irrelevant cameras.

7)      Go back to main menu, select “LiveView” and you can see everything what is being captured by the IP WebCam.

That’s it. You have now successfully made the Android device security Camera. Now put the IP WebCam wherever you want and do surveillance right through your own SmartPhone. There is no need to get in trouble of wires, cameras are working wirelessly and everything is displayed on the device in your hand.

Set as many Cameras as you want through the above method and ask us anything you want to know. Best!


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