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Lighthouse, The Smartest Security Camera


Now a days security cameras are getting popular and some companies have even started making smart security cameras. Infact there is not a single camera which can be called actually smart camera. Because all such cameras also require user input. But now there is a camera coming in market soon which is named as LIGHTHOUSE, this camera will be the real smart camera as per the news spreading around. So our todays discussion is also about the lighthouse, the smartest security camera and we will explain its qualities to you.


The company of this smart camera is owned by ALEX TEICHMAN who made a research on self driving cars in Stanford and HENDRIK DAHIKAMP who helped in the creation of Google Street View and Maps. So with these two brains, this new technology is emerging and it will change the world. This smart camera will have different natural identities installed in it. This camera will be able to differentiate between animals, children, adults. This will help the user to find out any accident easily without rolling the video for hours. You will be able to ask question to the camera and it will show you the exact time and footage. The user will be able to slow and fast the speed as well by speaking.

This camera will also make alert when somebody unknown to the device will try to enter or trespass. This camera can even recognize the male or female. Sometimes there are strangers passing by and then this camera will alert you about that and you will be able to watch and observe the screen in full HD mode. This new camera technology also senses when there is no movement in the video footage then it skips that time of clip from the video while replaying the video. The user can ask for any time’s video and the device will play that.

This device runs on the main electric power supply and allows the user to have a full 1080p video quality which can be viewed live. This camera is also a night vison camera and can easily recognize everything even in full darkness. The company is still trying to make this camera more accurate and perfect. This camera will definitely change the era of security camera’s market. But other than that with these smartest quality this camera will also cost a lot. So guys what do you think about this technology please share your review about this by commenting below.


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