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LG V30’s market in home town South Korea


There are many smart phones getting launched or have been released this year by many manufacturers. LG is one of them and also has manufactured its new smart phone device which is getting fame and popularity everywhere. Yes, we are talking about LG V30. This phone has already been released in the market but still not available everywhere. There are rumors that this device will be available in the mid or end of October. Though, the market of this phone is at its peak according to some news in its home town. Many users have already made pre booking orders for their phones. And today we are sharing with you LG V30’s market in home town South Korea.

LG V30

In Korea Times, they have mentioned that pre order bookings for LG V30 have already reached almost 16000 Units within just a week. The number of units is not so much impressive though but if we compare this with LG G6 which was also launched and released this year in start, then it is almost 50 percent increase ratio of pre order bookings. One thing more should be noticed that this is only in South Korea and still the ratio in other countries is not revealed yet. But LG is totally determined and confident that their device will rock n roll in the market.

Let us tell you something more to the Game of Throne fans that the Director of Photography, David Franco used this Device’s camera for filming a clip as well and was totally impressed with it. The camera of this device is outstanding and perfect. LG has worked hard on its V series and this time the camera is fully loaded with the audio and video quality in their new phone. Another main thing or features in this LG V30 phone are its Quad DAC high audio quality technology, it supports 256GB of micro SD storage and the internal space of this device is 64GB with 4GB of Ram. The processor used in this device is Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with Adreno 540 GPU. This device is also equipped with a 3300mAh battery which is perfect for this gadget.

So guys what are your thoughts about this phone? Will you be purchasing this phone when it comes out in your nearer market or not? Please share your ideas and knowledge with us by commenting below.


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