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[How To] Install TWRP Custom Recovery and root SAMSUNG GALAXY Victory 4G LTE (goghspr)


Samsung GalaxyVictory 4G LTE (goghspr) is an android device manufactured by Samsung. It was released in 2012. This smart phone is a mid range device. This device has a good Camera, single sim and dual sim, Connectivity, Memory and Speed. You can download apps in it as many you want. It supports upto 32gb memory in sd card slot. Its battery is 2100mAh which is good enough for this super gadget.

In this article, we will guide and walk you through the process of rooting along with installation of Custom Recovery. The rooting process, will be done by using SuperSU package which will be flashed via the Odin Flashing Tool.

SAMSUNG GALAXY Victory 4G LTE (goghspr)


Android Veterans is not responsible for any damage that you cause to your phone by rooting; while the process is fairly simple to follow however, it must be bore in mind that there are cases of phones becoming nothing more than paperweights. Also, the warranty of your phone will be void after installing a custom recovery and your flash count will also increase. Bear that in mind and proceed with caution.


  • Ensure that your SAMSUNG GALAXYVictory 4G LTE (goghspr) is adequately charged (60% least). This would prevent any fatal shutdowns which can brick your phone.
  • Make a complete backup of your phone to avoid any inconvenience, in case something goes wrong. Learn to create Backup of your Android Phone.
  • Make sure that you have the proper Samsung USB drivers installed for your phone. Download USB drivers.
  • Enable USB debugging on your phone. The USB debugging option is available under the developer options.
  • Download the SuperSU package for your phone and copy it to the internal memory of your phone. Download
  • Download the TWRP recovery Odin-flash-able package. (DO NOT EXTRACT) Download Here
  • Download and Install Odin3 on your computer. ODIN v3.07 download: Click Here

Once you are done with the steps, you are good to root your phone.


1) Run the ODIN3 Program installed on your computer.

2) Ensure that the Auto Reboot and Reset Time boxes are checked. In case they aren’t, check them.

3) After checking the boxes ensure that all the other boxes are unchecked.

4) Now, turn off your phone and put it into download mode, in order to do that you have to simultaneously press and hold three keys; volume down, home and power buttons. The device will then boot up and prompt you with a warning screen.

5) Once your device powers on, you will be required to press a certain key. Once you do that you are agreeing to the risk you are about to undertake. Your device will now finally be in the Download Mode.

6) Once that’s done, connect your phone to your PC. On successful connection, the ID:COM box in the Odin Program’s window will display your phone’s ID. In case it doesn’t, there is a fault in the driver installation (Reinstall and reboot your PC).

7) After doing that click on the PDA tab in the program and browse for the TWRP file downloaded on the computer.

8) Now hit the start button and the flashing process will be executed.

9) After flashing the TWRP file, put your phone into TWRP recovery mode and tap on Install button. Find and select the SuperSU file and confirm the installation.

10) Once, TWRP is done with flashing the SuperSU file, reboot the phone in normal mode.


Once the process completes your phone will be rooted and have a custom recovery installed. You can now install a custom ROM or add a custom kernel.

Hope the process goes smooth.


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