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[How to] Install ClockworkMod recovery tool in HTC One V


HTC Cone V can be upgraded via Custom ROMs by installing ClockworkMod recovery tool. clockworkMod is a powerful recovery tool that will replace currently installed Recovery tool. Here in this tutorial we will first put device into Fastboot mode and then flash the ClockwrokMod recovery tool in HTC One V. This tutorial is specifically for HTC One V. Please, make sure the correct model before continuing.

Preliminary Tasks:

  • Install all USB drivers for HTC One V in your computer so that proper connection can be established between computer and mobile device.
  • Enable USB debugging mode by going to settings and then developers options.
  • Although, installing CMW will not wipe storage of the device, however, you can create backup to get you stuff back in case if something goes wrong.

Contacts and text messages

Videos, pictures, songs, apps and other files

  • Charge you HTC One S battery to full as device will not charge during the flashing process even if the charger is plugged in.

Steps to install CWM recovery tool in HTC One S:

  • To establish a proper connection of device with computer; download and install Android SDK from Android developers website.
  • Download a folder Fastboot on desktop. Download CWM recovery and save it to Fastboot folder. Extract CWM recovery in Fastboot folder.
  • Now reboot your device in fastboot mode. To do so, turn off your HTC One and then restart it. Press and hold volume down and power button at the same time for few seconds until device enters into fastboot mode. After device enters into fastboot mode, connect USB cable with device.
  • Now form you computer, go to Fastboot folder and open command prompt by holding shift key and then right click from mouse.
  • Type the following command in command prompt and hit enter.

fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-

  • After execution of command completes, select the recovery option on fastboot mode by pressing power button to enter into CWM recovery.
  • The device will then enter into ClockworkMod recovery tool. Use power button to make selection and volume up or down button for navigtion.

You can now create backup of existing ROM, wipe current data and chose zip form Sdcard to install custom ROM in your HTC One V device. Enjoy installing Custom ROMs and updating your device. Do share with us in comments below or by sharing our Forums


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