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Innovations in smart phones which became hit


There are many smart phones in the market by many different brands and all are working somehow to improve their brand’s name and quality. For many years they have tried to introduce or innovate something attractive for us so we can use their specific particular device. Most of the time, these inventions have worked and also have failed in some scenarios. When any new feature of thing is created or manufactured by these brands, there is always a doubt of failure in their minds. But above all that they also have an optimistic approach towards it. So today we are discussing the innovations in smart phones which became hit.

Innovations in smart phones

There were many projects which were never completed but they created a hype in the market. Example of ARA from Google can be inserted here, which was experimented and tried but never arrived in the market. Well not every project is failed in the past and many projects have got success and are now very popular and famous in world market. So let’s just see which innovations were experimented and they became popular in short time. Manufacturers of smart phones have always tried to bring something cool and idealistic for their users. So if we talk about Samsung, then back in 2014, Note Edge was introduced. This was an experiment and people liked it of having their smart phone with some different edgy shape.

And now after investing and experimenting, Samsung has made its S series and Note Series totally with curved edges. They recently have made an infinity display their new invention and that also has got many likes. And if we talk about LG, then its V series has got much likes as compared to its G series which was not praised by LG users. Due to the perfect quality of camera and bigger display with awesome features in V series, it looted the hearts of its users. We can even see that now people are preferring V30 over Note 8. The experiment LG did with its V series got success.

We all are familiar with a famous brand HTC. There were many smart phones by them which got success and failure as well. But now after experiments they have come up with something which is liked by all users of HTC. They have introduced a unique squeeze feature which has improvised the software version of devices and is loved by everyone. Motorola also tested something and then presented in market. We all know it is famous for its gestures. Moto devices are still used and loved by many people because of such functions. So guys what do you think about these innovations and experiments? Do you think there is any other cooler innovation also coming? Please share your ideas with us by commenting below.


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