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Google releases Android O Developer Preview 4


Google is working very hard for their upcoming new Android software. They are making things better for us in every aspect. Most new features are getting inside this new rom for all the android smart phone users and they are claiming it to be the fastest rom as well for the latest devices. For last few months Google released three developer previews of Android O and now they have just released the fourth and final developer preview of Android O and today we are going to discuss it with you.

Android O Developer Preview 4

When we asked Google about this new released developer preview, they said it is getting called as a “release candidate”, which means this new preview of Android O is for all the developers and users who adopted the rom for their smart phones. This new developer preview has almost all the final system settings, bug fixes, performance improving tools and many more things which can be explored by installing the released version of this preview.

If you guys have a smartphone with latest technology like Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, or Nexus Player then you guys can easily install and flash this update manually on your smartphones by searching the links on Google’s preferred links. But if you want to have these new versions of android via OTA then you have to wait a lot for that. They will surely be released in few months and most probably will not appear to you easily.

Whenever we get the new released preview version of this developer android O, we will let you know about it and also tell you about the features and speed of the rom. We hope that this new update will definitely have some new notable features in it. And Google is still trying to make this new version perfect for all smart phones as well. The new version of android will be known as android 8 and may be it will release the real and main version of this in latest smart phones in next month or later but our hopes are high. Still one thing is missing which is its name. Many people are saying it will be called oreo. Whats your opinion guys, please share with us by commenting below about this.


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