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Google Nexus Player, Things You Should Know


Two days ago, Google announced new products in its Nexus line. Amongst the products was the Nexus Player, Google’s first and official device to run their much touted Android TV. Android TV is an initiative Google took to power set-top boxes, TVs and microconsoles with a software platform.

Android TV was announced during Google’s I/O Event of 2014 and according to Google’s Press Release has been designed on the foundation of Google’s upcoming mobile operating system, Android Lollipop. According to the statement, the Nexus Player will cost $99 in the US and will be up for preorder starting from today.

Nexus Player


The Nexus Player has been designed in a rounded fashion which makes it resemble a hockey puck, both in size, shape and color.The device is around 4.7 inches in diameter and has been kept larger than the previously available Google Chromecast; the device bears the insignia stating Nexus and has a sleek finish to it.


The Nexus Player got a decent spec sheet, namely a 1.8GHz Quad Core processor. The remote control for the Nexus Player has been equipped with a microphone which supports voice search. Optionally, a gaming controller is also available in the market to enhance the gaming experience of Android Gaming fanatics.


The Nexus Player lacks a few popular connectivity options. The option to allow analog video or digital audio output has been completely ignored and only one HDMI port has been placed on the Nexus Player. For internet connectivity the Ethernet option has been omitted and the player has been made strictly compliant to Wi-Fi.


Perhaps, the greatest weakness of the Nexus Player would be the fact that Google does not have a multitude of applications to offer… Yet.  The Player is missing out on applications like Spotify, Amazon Instant and even HBO Go.


The Nexus Player can also double as a Chromecast and to help with that, the player has a reliable dual band 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity which means the content can be accessed through a PC, smartphone or a tablet without the worries of crashes and glitches. Like Chromecast, the Nexus Player allows screen mirroring from Chrome Browser (having a different operating system is no longer a problem) or Chromebook.


The Remote Controller has been designed to accommodate a d-pad and four buttons which are enough to make the interface clean and clutter-free. Similarly the microphone also allows you to control your activity.


Perhaps one of the neatest feature equipped in the Nexus Player is the fact that it can anticipate the titles you might intend to watch and its recommendations are usually spot-on perfect. Similarly the voice search equipped in the remote controller interface allows you to search not only genres of movies but also sub-genres.


Despite the fan base that Android holds, it is not wrong to expect that the lack of interesting apps would not drive the market crazy for the Nexus Player. Perhaps sales will boost as the player starts supporting popular applications.


The Nexus Player has set an entirely different standard with its unique interface and suggestion mechanism. Hopefully the addition of more applications in its lineup will make the Nexus Player, dominate the TV players’ market.



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