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Google new Android TV with Android O


Google recently released the second Android O developer preview. And we are here to discuss what new features and changes Google has made in its new Android version.  This version of Android O will be known as android 8.0. There is no name out yet for O.  The new version will be hopefully released in august or September. There are many visual changes as well as other changes in the newest version of android which will be announced soon.

Android O

There are many new features like picture in picture mode, unread notification app badges, Bluetooth audio support and many more. We can say that Android O is a full package. It will provide a greater UI and Android system to the users. There is a new tool named as tensorflow built up by Google and its basic function is to meet the requirements of low power devices and to enhance their capabilities.

Google revealed its first Android TV platform in 2014 during Google I/O developer conference. And it was highly appreciated and it now it has launched its new smart TV platform introduction which is also getting very popular and praised by many users.  This new smart TV platform will be released in the end of this year hopefully and it will be totally based on Android TV interface. The USER INTERFACE of this TV is very appealing. You will be having your favorite apps at the top of your screen. Other services like YouTube, Netflix, etc will be in their own category and the user will be easily able to find the app which he wants to use instantly.

The main categories of these channels will be in a highlight. Basically the app will be present in the category where the creator of the app has made it to be. TV shows, movies and all the other categories like music, videos, photos will be determined by the types of apps. The creators of app will allow the user to enhance their experience by having live and on demand contents in their apps. On the other side the user will be given Google assistant which will help to find out what actually the user is looking for and to see what the interface looks like.

Google has yet not explained when this will be released but it will most probably be released with the new Android O. So if you have any knowledge or you want to share anything about this then please comment below.


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