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Google And Amazon Should Work Together


We all know that Google and Amazon are best and perfect when it comes to their devices and software. They don’t work together which is very bad and sometimes become frustrated for every user. The example of Amazon’s tablets can be noted here. Kindle fire series by Amazon has Android operating system but the user cannot use any Google app in it. This is just because of a reason that Amazon hardware does not support Google’s apps like Chromecast, Maps, Gmail, Youtube, etc. despite of it Amazon has its own App Store. So today we are sharing with you why Google and Amazon should work together.

Google And Amazon

Amazon has released an instant Video app recently and thankfully they have released it in Google Play Store as well otherwise we would have to download it from their own App Store. This app still not supports Chromecast though. This new change is better for all of those who change their smart phone devices frequently. There will be definitely some pecuniary reasons behind this idea of working separately but if Google and Amazon work together then there will be heavy high end spec device with Heavy Software and Apps.

If Google uses tablets and offers its apps there, then the tab which worth only 50$ (just assume) can become more expensive. Amazon shares are almost between fourth to sixth position in the world. And if they become partners, then they can earn even more together and we can get a device which posses everything. Google has worked a lot on the Android system and if Amazon starts using the android OS designed by Google then it will help a lot. Manufacturer of different smart phones are just using the same Android System and changes the user interface for differentiating their device from others.

Chromecast is rivalry to Fire Stick and that’s why Amazon has not made that app to be supported by it. Many of you will accept this that Chromecast is limited in functions if compare it with Fire Stick. No doubt Amazon can maintain and improve its own App Store but we all know that Google Play Store has almost every app already. So I think they should make a partnership and work together for the betterment of their own devices and software. What are your thoughts about this? Please share with us by commenting below.


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