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Get Back Into Your Samsung Device if lost pass code


Android security is very important for us these days. We can have passcode lock system, pattern lock system, finger print lock system and many others, depending on what type of security our device supports and provides. We keep our phone or device lock so that nobody can use our phone or device without our permission. Sometimes it is due to the personnel contacts or data and there can be any other specific reason. Here we are discussing Samsung device security. You should not be worried if your device PIN or pass code is forgotten.you can easily get back into your Samsung device, The main things needed for this recovery are access to any browser and your Samsung account login and password info. After that you can easily recover your lost PIN or pass code in two simple steps.

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So guys if you want to recover the pass code or PIN then you need to use the Samsung Find My Mobile Features. With the help of this feature you can also locate your device or phone on a map and also you can reset your PIN or pass code. There are some additional features as well such as you can make your phone ring wherever it is, you can permanently lock it so nobody else will be able to use the phone, and you can also erase all the data of your phone or device with this feature.

Now we are telling you how this feature works for your Samsung device. You must open any browser of your choice whether on a mobile phone or on a PC and go to Samsung’s Find My Mobile service. There you will be asked to log into your Samsung account. Keep it in mind that if you have never logged into your account then it will take some time to find the location of your Samsungs device.

Now when your account is logged in click on the menu and you will see a more button, click more and then go to the unlock button. Click on that unlock button and then you will be asked to enter your password of your Samsung account. When you enter your password your phone will be unlocked and any kind of password PIN pattern you were using on that phone will automatically be removed.

If we talk about other devices then unfortunately, devices other than Samsung don’t support this type of feature. You can use android device manager for them which can lock or wipe the data of your phone. Only this option is available for other devices right now. So keep it in mind that you must remember what type of PIN or pass code you have made for your device or else the last option will be to wipe out all the data and reset your phone.

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