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Fix Your Water Damaged Smartphones


We usually get a shock when our cell phone gets dropped down or in water. That can happen with anyone if its their bad luck. But you can only save yourself, if you own a high tech device which can sustain water damage. Not all the users can afford high tech devices like Samsung galaxy s8 which can sustain such damage. So today we are here to discuss how we can fix water damaged smartphones.

Water Damaged Smartphones

We also know that now a days almost all the manufacturers are trying to make such handsets which can sustain water damage as well. But what about those users who already have phones which cannot tolerate such damage. We can also use some waterproof pouches for such handsets but if they fall in water then what possible things we can do, we must know.

We don’t give any guarantee whether these tricks will save your phone or not. Sometimes its already too late for us in such scenario where we cannot do anything to fix our phone from water damage. But in many cases as well, people saved their devices by doing so. Such possible tips and tricks are given below which will guide you in such disastrous moment.

  • Firstly you must pull it out of the water and turn it off. Remember that you must do this as quickly as you can do because if your phone remains under water for more time, there will be less chances of its survival.
  • You must turn the phone off and take its battery out if its removable battery and you should not be thinking about any other thing at that time.
  • Place it somewhere and wrap each and every thing in paper towels. Many new models which are not water proof can resist in water for few seconds but you must do everything quickly.
  • You must not turn your phone on even after couple of hours, do not try to press any volume or power buttons or any other keypad if its not a touch screen handset, do remember that.
  • If you know how to disassemble your phone and you are not concerned about the warranty then open it up and try to dry each and every single part of your phone.
  • You can use vacuum cleaner if you don’t have towels in range.
  • Patience is very important here. You must not assemble your phone before 3 or 4 days. Until then use your sim in some other phone.
  • There is also one trick which is to put your phone in a bag filled with rice and leave it in for 3 to 4 days and the rice will absorb the moisture.

So guys these were some tricks for you. Even after trying them your phone does not work then you must accept the bitter reality that your phone will not work. But guys if you think any of these tricks have worked for you or if you have any other idea as well then please share it with us by commenting below.


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