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Features which should have been done differently by Samsung in Note 8


We all know that there are many android devices out there and many new devices are yet to come in the market. Among these devices, Samsung is a great and popular name which is well known all over the world. Recently Samsung has released its new device Galaxy Note 8. They have introduced new and different features in their device also. This device is no doubt a super device but there are some features which should have been done differently by Samsung in Note 8. So today we will be sharing them with you all.

Samsung in Note 8

So guys the main feature which needs some work is the placement of finger print scanner in Note 8. No doubt this phone is with S pen and great battery. But Samsung is world’s biggest selling brand of smart phones. They must have had placed the finger print scanner just beneath the dual camera for easy access. No doubt we will get used to it but don’t you think if it was just below the camera and in the center then it would be more comfortable for us to unlock the device?

Another thing which needs more attention is its dual camera. They have not introduced anything new in there dual camera. Huawei, LG, Apple and many others have introduced different features in their dual lens cameras. But the camera given in this Note 8 needs something more than given and provided. Another thing in this device is its speakers. We are not criticizing but stereo speakers would be much better if they were featured in it. That would have definitely made this device more elegant and stylish.

Another thing which should be given in this device is a bigger battery with this big phone. We all will agree here at this point. With this big phone, Samsung should have provided it with a more bigger battery which can be used for a long period of time. This phone is great and super device. It must have been launched with these different features which could have made it much better and greater. So guys what are your thoughts about this? Please share your ideas with us as well by commenting below.


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