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Enhancing Data Usage On Android Devices


If you are using android devices then you are familiar with the issue of data usage in them. Mostly users try to save their package plan by switching off the mobile data. You will have various ways to stop the data usage in your android devices but the best and shortest way is by understanding the usage of data on each app you have installed on your device. If you are an iPhone user then you can easily view each and every app’s data usage on your phone.

Enhancing Data Usage

On your android smart phone you need to open the settings/data usage. There you will be able to find how much data your installed apps are using. The list of the apps installed is automatically sorted by the data usage size. You can easily know which apps are using more data in your device. If you click or tap any specific app then it will show you more detailed options about the data being used by that app. After that, you will be sure about the usage of data why and how that app consumed whether it was running in background or you were using that app.

If the app is using too much data in the background then you can easily restrict each app to use data in background. You only need to make sure that you have turned on the restrict background data option in your settings. If you click on the view app settings then you will also see a section where you can restrict the auto update option to wifi only which will reduce cellular data usage on your android device.

If you have a good memory then you can easily check your data usage by simply clicking the date which is shown on your screen and you can also check your previous month’s usage as well. Your data usage tracking can be easily accessed for certain app or as a whole but you need to remember the dates and then you can compare whether you hae improved your data usage or not.

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