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The Elder Scrolls: Legends is now on Google Play Store


Everyone was waiting for a heavy game with a good storyline and graphics for android smart phones and now the wait is over. The elder scrolls is now available for android smart phone users and can be played easily. This game made a debut on PC in march and still in beta mode there but it has made its way towards android and our today’s discussion is about The Elder Scrolls: Legends is now on Google Play Store. This game is basically the next version of Heroes of Skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls

There are many players who are saying that this game is just like a hearthstone but this new game the elder scrolls legend is far better and different than that game. This game has a little resemblance with the above mentioned game but it is totally different as well. This game has a unique and different mechanics, ruines, prophecies and cards and keys for opening the new doors and many other things.

This game is getting popularity and it has a partnership with the gaming platform named as twitch.tv and getting the benefit of its advertisement there. Users who are premium subscribers of Bethesda and Twitch can easily watch the streaming of this new the elder scrolls legends game. One more thing about this game is that it has different characters in it and you will love to play this game with those unique and different characters.

This new game is getting many great reviews from the players and one more thing is that the critics are not against the game and just giving some advices for the game play. But this game has to make a lot of effort in order to push back the hearthstone game because that game gets the new updates almost on regular basis and players love to play that game as well. So Bethesda needs to do something about this new game as well.

So guys you can easily download and install this game from Google Play Store and its totally free. If you already have played this game then share your experience with us by commenting below so that our other users can also find out much about this new game.


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