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Different Mobile Games You Can Play in Your Browser


Have you played games on your device ever or do you play games daily on your smart phone? But you don’t want to install the games on your phone because they take too much space and on other hand you also want to play the games. Then there are few games which can be played directly on your web browser and are good for time killing purpose.

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The list of these games which can be played on your browser is very large but we are discussing here the toppest games played worldwide by the users.

Snake 3310 is the oldest game and now it has arrived to be played on the browser as well. You can grow your snake by eating blocks, without hitting into the walls. You are given an arrow control keys on your browser which helps you to move your snake.


Tetra is another popular game played worldwide and now there are many games in market with this concept. You need to tap the screen to change the direction of the falling blocks and keep your bottom area clear and clean. If you don’t move your blocks quickly then soon the game will be over.

Hextris is a puzzle game played by many people and you can play it by matching three same color blocks which will outgrow if not tackle carefully. You need to rotate the blocks and they will change color and then place them with their matched color blocks.

Candy Rain 2 is just like Candy Crush Saga if you are familiar with and you can play this game on your browser. You are given limited moves in this game and you have to finish the given task in this game.

Zoo Pinball is also a famous game. When the ball is launched you need to tap the screen so that the ball moves in the jungle. You need to tap the flippers to hit the ball there.

If you like to play billiard games then Speed Pool King is a worthy game to be played on your browser as well. You need to pocket every ball in a given time in this game to be a winner.

Truck Trials is also a beautiful game in which you drive a monster truck and need to pick up the loot and achieve the goal. If you want to score then avoid crashing and you need to destroy cars and things coming in your path.

Classic Bowling is very famous and you can play this game on your browser as well. These games are available on different websites and if you don’t know about these site’s links then we are sharing the links with you.


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