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Deep Town Mining Factory game mod, Infinite Money


Deep Town Mining Factory features an impressive digging adventure. The game is developed by Rockbite Games. It is listed in ‘Strategy’ category at the Play Store. It has got users’ ratings of 4.8stars. The game has been downloaded over 1,000,000 times. Wow! This tells the popularity of the game. The game size is 52MB. You need to have Android 4.0.3or later to play the game. It is available for free at the store but features in-app purchases as well. We are going tocoverDeep Town Mining Factory mod below.

What’s New in this Version:

The current version of the game is 2.8.7, last updated on 29th September 2017. The latest update brought unlocked zones, new items and materials, new trade location along with bug fixes and few improvements.

In Deep Town Mining Factory game, get ready to explore your planet. It’s time to dig and dig deep to uncover the hidden secrets. As you dug, you will be finding different metals, gems and rare items that you need to collect. You can use dozen of equipment including driller robots, fire blasts and others to dig deep. As you progress, you can make buildings, auto-mine resources, smelt and forge metals and craft items. Get ready to build a world of your own through available resources. The game is based on fine storyline so you are not going to get bored. Deep Town Mining Factory mod will make the game easy for you.

With Deep Town Mining Factory mod at androidveterans.com, you will be able to earn unlimited money in the game.

Deep Town Mining Factory

How to Install DEEP TOWN MINING FACTORY APK for Android: 

1) If you have already installed previous version of DEEP TOWN MINING FACTORY in your device then uninstall it.

2) Download the DEEP TOWN MINING FACTORY MOD APK file from the download link given below:

APK Download link: Click Here

3) Finally, install the DEEP TOWN MINING FACTORY APK in your android device, run it, let the game download in-game content and enjoy playing game.

4) That is it. You have now successfully installed the DEEP TOWN MINING FACTORY in your Android Device.

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