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Customize your Samsung Galaxy S8 Always On Display Feature


Samsung has introduced its new feature in the latest S series which is Always On Display. This technology is also used by other famous manufacturers like LG, Motorola for last few years. With the arrival of Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 and S8 plus devices this feature was found in them as well. So today we are here to discuss how we can customize Galaxy S8’s Always On Display. If you are not aware of this feature then this feature allows the user to check time, date, battery, notifications when the phone is locked and not in use.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung has made this feature customizable for its users and you can customize your always on display easily. Instructions are provided for your convenience here. If you want to enable Always On Display you must go to your device settings and then tap on lock screen and security. Turn on the always on display by tapping it for one time and then you must select Always On Display.

Now your Always On Display will be shown even if your phone is not in use or locked. Now we are going to tell you how you can customize your always on display. Firstly you will be provided with some options, which contents you want to appear on the display. You can select clock or information, home button only, home button and clock or information. You are also provided with six different styles or themes you can say for your Always On Display. In these themes, you are also provided further with three more options for your clock style, color and background.

So guys when you have selected each and everything of your choice in the Always On Display menu section then you must apply these settings by tapping on apply icon given on the top right corner of your screen and then your settings will be saved and applied to your Always On Display. You can also schedule your Always On Display to be shown on the screen simply by turning off show always option and then tapping Set Schedule.

So guys please give your feedback and also feel free to ask any question about this new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus feature by commenting below.


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