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Customize Your Audio Profile On The Galaxy S8


There are many devices which have not the best speaker in them and they don’t produce best sound. Almost in the whole world, manufacturers are working on smart phone devices but now their concern is not only limited to the sound quality of their devices. They mostly work on the processors and rams for the speedy device. And no more dual speaker devices are manufactured in market. So we are only left with the single built in speaker. The quality of audio gets very low due to this. And you cannot even customize the audio profile of these devices. On the other hand, Samsung has launched its new device Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus which are also sent with a single speaker but you get the option to change the audio profile settings and can customize them easily. You will get the best from Samsung as always and your experience from listening music to any other thing will not be in vein. Settings provided for customizing the audio profile are not directly accessible though so today we are going to discuss how we can customize audio profile on the Galaxy S8.

Audio Profile

So guys firstly we need to unlock our phone and swipe down the notification panel and tap on the top right corner icon of settings or you may directly go to settings from the app drawer as you like. Then we will go to Sounds and vibration. There we need to find Sound quality and effects which we need to select first by tapping and from there we will be able to customize the treble, bass, vocal settings, instrument, etc and you can also go in advanced settings to access further features of your audio profile. Samsung has also provided you the best sound by giving you the option of Adapt sound. You can tap it and it will provide you the best algorithm sound suitable for you.

Samsung has given many other settings as well in this menu which allows the user to change their audio profile in best of their own usage. So you are easily provided with the new amplified bass, treble settings or even you can change equalizer settings as well according to your taste and needs. Pro options are given in the settings like Tube Amp Pro, Surround, and Concert Hall will give extra ordinary sound to the user and these specially designed for every type of persons.

Hopefully this would have helped you and kindly share with us which settings you are using for your audio profile and if you find anything cool or new then also share it with us by commenting below.


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