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Control your smart phone via PC


With the technology of these days now almost anything can be done via smart phones. And there is a new concept now to control your smart phone through PC. Sometimes the phone is plugged in for charging or in some other room or you don’t want to show anyone that you are using your phone then you have only one option to use or access your smart phone via PC, which is very easy and accessible.

Control your smart phone via PC

There are two apps available in the market which are getting fame day by day and they work for this purpose in which you can access your smart phones on your PC. The names of these apps are AirDroid and Vysor. Both the apps are very useful and helping.

AirDroid is used for multi screen purpose. This app does not give you full access on the PC. It basically provides the key features of your phone on the PC and you don’t need any account sign up to access or use. This app is available for users to install it on their windows or mac PCs and also there are certain web browsers through which this app can be accessed. You must install the app as well on your smart phone. You can start this app by opening web.airdroid.com and launching app on your phone where you need to scan the QR code from the opened website on the PC. After that scanning, you have connected your phone to the PC. You can make calls,set alarms, search apps etc through this.

The AirDroid web interface resembles a desktop and looks great if you switch to fullscreen mode. Available apps and functions are shown as icons on the left, while tools and info about your phone are on the right. At the top is a panel that you can use to search for apps, make calls, messages, listen music, install or uninstall apps, set alarms, and so on.

If we talk about Vysor then it has a full control over the device. This is the best and useful app as compared to AirDroid. This app basically mirrors your smart phone’s screen to your PC. This app is available in free and paid versions on Google Play Store. After downloading you can easily understand what to do next in this app setup. When the installation and connection is complete you can control each and everything

There are some other apps like MightyText, Pushbullet which are just like AirDroid. And if you know any other app like these or if you have tried any of these apps then please share your experience with us by giving your feedback in the comment section below.


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