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The Most Common Fitbit Problems


We use fitness trackers and devices in our daily routine and they are very helpful. We can know how many steps we have taken, how many calories burned, heart rate monitoring, good sleep as well. One of the fitness tracker device is fitbit. And today we are going to discuss the most common fitbit problems with you all.

The Most Common Fitbit Problems

The first problem we are discussing is syncing issue in the device. This problem occurs due to the connectivity through Bluetooth with android device.  The user must check the settings on the fitbit device and Bluetooth settings on your android device with fitbit app installed on it. You just make sure both devices are turned on and there is no other load on the apps. Even after that the problem remains the same then you must restart both of your devices.

Another problem is that the device sometimes does not receive notifications. If this is occurring then you must restart your fitbit device. You must be in the range of 20 feet with your connected android phone as well and make sure there is no other device connected to the phone at that time. Make sure you settings for notifications are turned on as well.

Some users also find charging issues with their devices. So guys make sure you are using the charger properly for your device and the cable and port should also be cleaned. Try not to charge your device with the usb hub because there will be no charging for you and you will be disappointed.

Problems with Quick View and tap recognition are another issue. You must turn on the quick view settings in the device and make sure which hand you have selected to wear in the settings. in order to tap, make sure you tap the fitbit device on the right place at bottom side. Also make sure that you are not tapping too hardly or softly.

Sometimes the device doesn’t get the updates quickly and to overcome this issue you must restart your device and android phone as well. You can also try to remove and add your fitbit account in the device, app or on website which may solve this issue.

So guys if you think any of these tips were helpful then please share your experience with us by commenting below.


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