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Clear up your Android and iPhone Space (Twitter App)


Now a days we use many social networking apps and twitter is one of them. Most of the people use twitter occasionally or on daily basis. If we talk about the app size then its not a huge file. But if we come to know about the space it takes after getting installed on the device then you will not believe how much space this app takes. The official app on android or IOS takes a lot of device’s storage. But luckily we can clear this space easily and use that space for any other purpose.


Iphone Settings

So here we are telling you how you can clear your Iphone storage taken by twitter. You need to open the official app of twitter and then click the Me tab. Then you have to open the settings and then Data Usage. There you will find media storage and web storage and you can easily watch how much space both of them are using separately. Click Media Storage/Clear Media Storage to delete pictures,gifs or vines. Click Web Page Storage to clear all the cached web pages or click Clear All Web Pages Cached, cookies or logins. In settings you can also turn off the image previews. This setting will help you in minimum use of your data plan. Keep it in your mind that if you are using multiple accounts on your twitter app then you need to repeat these steps for each account.

Android Settings

Now we are telling you how you can clear your android device’s storage taken by twitter. Android devices can also be cleared up from this extra space. The user need to open up the Android device Settings / Applications / Application Manager / Twitter / Storage. There you will be able to see how much space this app’s data has taken on your device. Tap clear Cache to remove all the cache and free up your space.

If you tap on clear data then remember it you will lose and delete any accounts linked to that app, settings of app will also be removed. If you have made any specific settings such as night mode then they all will be deleted and you have to create them again. Infact you need to set up the whole app again.

So guys if you think this has helped you or if you have any other idea about how to clear the space of your device then please share with us by commenting below.


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