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Caller ID apps on Google Play Store


If you are annoyed by the unknown and fake callers then you need to know about the caller id apps easily available on Google Play Store. We are discussing below which will help you in getting relief from those unknown callers. Most of the time, these fake or mysterious calls are made by commercialists for advertisement. But sometime we think that our relatives or friends are calling from an unknown number and this thing makes confusion. In order to find out the difference between them there are few apps which have changed and given us the relief.

These apps help us to find out the real caller and only by installing these apps we get the data of the number which makes call to our number in real time. There are few apps discussed below with their advantages and disadvantages. These apps most of the time copy your contact list to their database. So if you are concerned about your privacy then you need to think again.

Caller ID apps


This app is very popular and known all over the world. It is easily available on Google Play Store. It helps the user to find out who is making calls to him/her. This app has a unique design and high identification accuracy than all the other apps out there. The advantage of this app is that, it gives you its own dialer rather than using the old fashioned android dialer, filters your calls and messeging, block unknown calls and spammers. If we talk about its disadvantages then this app has many ads which may annoy the user at times not always, it also receives your private data or contact list too.



This app is also very popular because of its functions. It works almost like TrueCaller. But this app has single blocking facility which blocks calls and messages at same time. It has a great user interface which is very easy to use and appealing to the users. This app has a database of almost all the spammers and commercial numbers who annoy the user at different times. This app is available on Google Play Store.


CIA (Caller Identification & Search)

This app is also like TrueCaller but it has something interesting as well like it creates a backup for your contact list. The paid version of this app costs you around 2.5 US Dollars. This app can even block the entire country’s numbers whichever country you choose. It also filters your call and messaging and can be customized easily. This app has also a free version but with ads. It is also available on Google Play Store.



This app has 4.3 rating on Google Play Store. This app does not steal too much of your privacy as compared to other apps. This app also integrates with the social apps like facebook, linkedin, twitter etc. It also blocks all the mysterious calls and messages sent by spammers. This app even works when you are working offline.

So guys which app you are using to avoid such spammers. Please share with us by commenting below and also mention your favorite app in the comments.


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