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Best Tips To Save Your Android’s Battery


One aspect in which Android smartphones has still to do a lot is battery optimization. No matter how bigger the battery is, there is still some fuel short and apps draw it empty quite quicker as compared to iOS. Apple devices perform better when it comes to last longer and beat Android comprehensively. With manufacturers busy in bringing some developments in this regard, you can still add more juice in your battery by taking these useful measures.


Turn off things not in use:

Well, like your home appliances running useless will add to your electricity bill. Similarly, apps/services running in the background will cost your battery timings. Just make sure to clear your all background running apps and switch off services i.e. location when your smartphone is not in use.

Keep your connective features off:

Well, you should know that connectivity services i.e. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi consumes a lot of battery. If you really want significant control over your battery timings, try to use these services only when required. Switch them off even when leaving the device free for few minutes.

Switch off vibration:

If your device is every time with you, you can activate silent mode on your Android device. Even vibration uses considerable amount of battery. Simply turning the vibration mode off can increase your battery timings.

Reduce Notifications:

You can turn off notifications of various apps by navigating to individuals apps’ settings. This can reduce the battery usage to few extent.

Stop auto-synchronization:

Auto-synchronization is a useful service that helps you to access all your stuff across various platforms. Just head to Settings > Accounts and individually disable auto-sync for each account. This can reduce the battery usage on your device.

Adjust your display:

Well, your mobile display is something that use maximum of your battery. Reduce the brightness of your screen as it will not only use less battery but also will not be bad for your eyes. Moreover, turn the display off when not using your device.

Minimize Animations:

Animations within your Android OS can use considerable amount of battery. Head over to Settings and disable the transition effects. Keep your interface simple to get the maximum out of your battery.

Use Battery Saver:

In the end, don’t forget to use a battery saver app. Battery Saver app can be extremely useful if you are running short of battery and want to go longer. It automatically shuts down all the background services that are using your CPU resources.


By following these steps, you can make your device last longer. These are the effective steps to take maximum out of your battery.




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