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Asphalt 8 Airborne Unlimited Money MOD APK v3.5.1qb Hack


If you have been looking for asphalt 8 Hack APK free download v3.5.1b then you have come to the right place. One of the flagships of Gameloft, Asphalt is renowned for its intense gameplay, extremely augmented graphics and one of the best game soundtracks you have ever come across. There are tons of modes to choose from and the game includes a total of eight seasons, each comprising of different challenges.

Asphalt 8 is one of those games where you forget that you are playing on your android smartphone or tablet because of the fact that it possesses such an amazing graphics and gameplay. The campaign mode of the game offers several different seasons and each season is filled with hundreds of events. Asphalt 8 is of those games, where you can play for hours and hours and yet you still will not break a sweat. Initially, the game sets off at an easy pace with each event being easy to win. However, as the game progresses, each event becomes harder than the previous one and to compete and win those events you have to upgrade and unlock new cars.

But apart from the main campaign, one of the best features of this game is the multiplayer mode. From all the racing games we have played, Asphalt one of the best, responsive and smooth multiplayer modes. You can battle it out with your friends in either elimination mode, drift or old school arcade racing. With vivid graphics, highly responsive controls and extremely well designed gameply, the game is certainly an amazing one deserves space in your device.

But enough with the description, let’s talk about the hack. Asphalt 8 mod apk data includes unlimited money and stars, so, buying cars and upgrading them will not be problem anymore. Follow the instructions below to install asphalt 8 hack apk latest version..

asphalt 8

When you download asphalt 8 mod apk+obb, game doesn’t download any content. However, if only APK is installed, Obb data will be downloaded automatically. With the Asphalt cracked APK, you’ll get unlimited money to unlock cars of your choice and upgrade them to latest version. The MOD may disable the multiplayer feature as it can lead to permanent profile ban. Lets get down straight to steps on how to install Asphalt 8 MOD APK latest, install it on the Android device.

Following on the below steps will get you Asphalt 8 MOD on AndroidVeterans

Asphalt 8 Hack APK-Get Unlimited Money

1)      First of all you need to uninstall the current version of the game from your device.

2)     Then download the asphalt cracked apk in your computer from the link below.

Download: Click Here (v3.5.1b)

3)   Install the Modded APK. you may need to give permission to install apps from unknown sources.

4)   After installing APK, let the game download asphalt 8 mod apk data.

5) You have now installed Asphalt Airborne hack on your device. Enjoy!

You have now installed the latest version of game v3.2.0q in your Android Device. Enjoy the MOD and be sure to provide us with your feedback in the comments below.


  1. yeah i successfully got coins and stars but it is asking for the new update and before updating i cant play it pls put the link for updated mod apk

  2. I already have the game installed , so does the mod exist in apk or obb files? And can i get unlimited money just by installing the apk? Or do I need the obb as well (already have the play store version). Thanks.

  3. My appreciation to the makers of this mod, Thank you for your work. Keep up the amazing hacks and hopefully make one for Clash of Clans and other online ones?

    • thank you and indeed we will be providing other mods..
      as for clash of clans, we are quite lot of requests for that and hopefully you will see it pretty soon

  4. can u please upload a mod apk for dragon city…. i love this game…
    I downloaded dragon mania but after playing a few times it does not open on my MICROMAX CANVAS HD A116i…android version 4.2.1

  5. I am not able to launch the game after installing your apk file. What i did is…i first uninstalled the game and then reinstalled it using the apk file of yours for android 4.4 coz i am having kitkat at micromaz a106. Then i downloaded the 1415 mb data. But now the game is not launching. What to do now??? I have wasted 1.5 gb data for this apk of yours. Help now.

    • ok here is what you need to do
      1) uninstall the mod/apk.
      2) go to sdcard/android/obb/com.gameloft.android.anmp.glofta8hm and then delete the “com.gameloft.android.anmp.glofta8hm”
      3) then install the mod and download the data from within the gaem
      hopefully this will solve your problem

  6. dude, i still dont get how this work. first i’m going to uninstall my asphalt airborne? then install apk? what comes after that? and what is mod. im sorry its my first time to do this, im not yet quite familiar.

    • Mod means altered or hacked version of game.
      Download the modded apk directly in your phone. Then if you have already installed the Asphalt 8 from playstore, uninstall it.
      now find where you downloaded the modded apk, tap and install it. Run the game and you have unlimited money.

    • If you have downloaded it in your computer, then connect the phone with computer via USB cable and move the modded asphalt 8 apk to phone. remove USB cable and finally install the game. That’s it!

  7. Hey! downloaded apk and installed it, it then says “Invalid Licence” and gives me options to buy or cancel. Tried running with network off and uninstalling and re-installing, to no avail. Any idea on how to fix it?

  8. yeah it happens.. to fix it follow these steps
    1) uninstall the mod
    2) install asphalt 8 from play store, then uninstall it
    3) now install the mod
    hopefully this will solve the problem

  9. It’s work on the credits, stars & level. I have a lot of them after installing this mod version. (thanks)
    But I have only one car and don’t see the option to buy a new one. The other cars don’t even show up except in the cars packages which I need to use real money to buy them.

  10. I understand that you guys probably run off the income from ads, but can you at least remove the giant, computer killing, internet slowing, pop ups that appear when we click a download link? some peoples computers (like mine) just cant really handle it and it crashes occasionally with those ads. It might also just be the site you use the share the files (like Zippy Share) but if you can change it please do. By the way, sorry for complaining and thanks for all the apps and mods. You guys do a great job. 🙂

  11. we never place ads on download links on our site… we hate doing that
    but if you are talking about zippyshare, we cant control that… we will try to find any other way to upload the apks..

    • I use the default blocker from Explorer plus I use MacAfee but it still wont stop it. Anyways, thanks for trying and for all the awesome mods and apps.

    • One more thing, I was hoping you might be able to add Modern Combat 5 onto this site. I’ve tried downloading it from other sites but most other sites also include and install “helpful” (virus) programs along with the main download. Thanks 🙂

    • Sorry to keep bothering you but I just tried to sign up and my email has already been taken. I haven’t signed up on any of the login accounts you use yet and I think someone may have taken my email. Is there any way to fix it?

  12. i’ve downloaded the MOD and put the “com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftA8HM” to Sdcard > Android > Obb

    but when starting the game, the game needed to download the additional data to run the game. where i did wrong?

  13. Hi, does the android device have to be rooted for this to work? And, if for some reason this hack does not work is it possible to reinstall the market version keeping all of the progress that I have made until now?

  14. Hey, this totally worked and its awesome. I don’t think I would ever have reached on such a level (1000) and had chance to have this much money… Thank you so much. And, by the way, it worked right after installing APK and downloading data, I didn’t have to update/reinstall anything.

    Thank you very much.

  15. I had a query that to dwnload mod & apk do we need To sign into FB cuzit takes me into that screen.and after i download the 1.40gb then i get azip file and cannot transfer as i do not have the com.gameloft……….. file.PLEEEEEEAAAAASEEE HELP MEEE

    • download and install the mod but dont run the game
      then download the com.gameloft…. and put it in android/obb/”here”
      after copying it to the location then run the game

  16. I faceda problem with the data so i did what You said but after I run the game it Says download additional 1.40 gb should i ??? and after I change the file name to . HMX do I need to Copy it to Obb

  17. A great effort guys.. Loved the hack.. But somehow I’m having a problems with playing the daily events.. It’s shows the events but doesn’t allow to play them as the fuel bar is empty.. Please fix it

  18. Great hack thanks , only one problem though when I wanna play online events it gives an error 5001 and the fuel bar don’t load .

  19. Sir i encounter the data problem it says i need to dload aditional 1.5g.. Will i download it?? Then thats the time ill change the name to HMX??

  20. After installing latest update, application is not allowing me to play says my user account has been banned. Any idea how do I play now?

      • Hi, even disabling Internet connection, next startup blocks the user rightaway.

        If I don’t connect Internet, it does not start because unable to verify files. Am I missing something?

    • 1) uninstall the previous version
      2) download the OBB file and copy it to sdcard/android/obb/here.
      3) download and install the apk. enjoy!

  21. hi again, strangely, I have a folder for the data on my device when viewing via a PC, it will not allow me to rename it, nor copy it. But when looking at my files via a file manager on the device the folder does not appear. it must be corrupted in some way:( any ideia how i can restore my game data or must i start from scratch?

  22. It’s better if you Start from Scratch. First of all install the market version then uninstall it and the proceed with the modded apk!

  23. Hi,
    Many other users are facing the same problem as well. Give us a day or 2. We will look into it and will put our best to resolve the issue ASAP.

  24. Hello, I’d like to know if I already have the game installed (and a lot of progress made) I could only install the money hack, I mean, is it necessary the data for the hack or just the OBB?
    Thanks for your answer 🙂

  25. installing latest update, application is not allowing me to play says
    my user account has been banned. Any idea how do I play now?

    • we have reverted back to older version (v1.5.0h) because of the issues in the new update..
      please download the v1.5.0h, it works fine

  26. Why is my comment not being posted? How r you supposed to play multiplayer with the update window popping up? no point turning wifi off, want to access mp

  27. I cant change the cars offline, it says ” unfortunately asphalt 8 has stopped.” My device is the lg optimus l90 can someone help??

  28. I installed the game as was specified in the above steps.. but now when i open it.. its saying “updates are ready to roll.. install them”.. even if i click o ln updates it takes me ti the asphalt 8 page on llay store and there are no updates availabel there …
    i have installed the ggame but unable to play …. plz help…!!

  29. Androidveterans is one of the most reputed android game download’s in apk form for it’s Non-survey and quick download ways. There are a few things wrong with the asphalt game on my Lenovo Tablet(IdeaPad) .
    1. It doesn’t have any stars in it and lags constantly when downloaded and restarted more than 3 times.
    2. It lags frequently in game.
    3.It doesn’t have any stars in it. Please update that and I will be a fan of this website.

  30. And yes, Please add the game famous game in Gameloft named – Blitz Brigade . It is one of the famous FPS games in the form Of teams as Allies and Axis Powers. If that is added, I can hope that around 400,000 people will download the hack. Hope you will add it before Januvary. Thank you.

  31. hi sir.. have a huge problem.. when i install all step by step instructions.. and play.. it loads.. but it has a default money.. it has no unlimited money.. my phone is asus zenfone5 .. please help to fix this.. thanks in advance..

  32. Hello. This doesnt work on my Lenovo IdeaTab, a tablet. All works fine, but when you start a game it lags until you cant do anything. You have to switch off and on. I TRIED THAT EXACTLY 10 TIMES. It was frustrating, please fix it asap. Rest all is perfect. This is the only website that provides real and fresh apks unlike other money sucking apks. I have hope, hope you wont let me down. Thanks.

  33. Hi,
    I downloaded the older Version of Asphalt 8 apk. on my Samsung S3 and it worked great until I needed an update. I updated Thema apk to v.1.7 and now is the graphic screwed up.
    Need help!!
    Any idea to fix this?

  34. OMG This actually works! I thought it would be a lie like every other hacked .apk file.
    Here is a screenshot for proof!
    P.S the car is crap because I had just run the modded game and immediately ran to post this message. That’s the car I had before.
    Thank you soo much! :D.

  35. Excuse me, i’m also using zenfone5 and i’m almost done downloading the market version and have to patch thing’s up,. can i ask what APK version is suitable for zenfone5 V4.3? is it (v1.7.0k) OpenGL 3.0 or (v1.7.0k) OpenGL 4.0? and do i still need to root my phone for it to work?.. kindly please do reply thankyou! and Happy New Year!…

    • Hi, If the hardware specifications of your phone are compatible with the game, then the APK version is suitable (your phone must run Android).
      And you don’t need to root your device to install the MOD.

  36. Hello androidveterans have a small problem. I did everything correctly, but i have the v1.8 and I’m in trouble. You can upload the hack for v1.8 ? tnx for your time

  37. Hi. I have done everything correctly, but nowvthe graphics have stuffed up and I can’t see any of the cars or racetracks. Know how to fix this? Cheers.

  38. I intall the game bt it is saying for update and google play say that it is updated version
    With out update it is not running

  39. till 3rd step all okay bt after installing i m nt able to see anythng in obb…how wil i able to change it when i am not able to see an option? i tried to install apk file, it prompt me to download extra files. wats next? dint got anythng, instead i lost my credits. pls help me

    • If you have SDcard inserted in your phone, kindly check it there. And yes, you may have to download the extra file after installing the modded apk. Once you are done with everything, you will have unlimited money.

  40. I get “Unfortunatelt Asphalt has stopped” when i click on the icon after installing the hack. I m on Nexus 5 Android lollipop and installed 1.7 hack apk.

  41. Hy androidveterans. Muliplayer is not working. Can u please fix it up. Whenever i try to play multiplayer it keeps on searching players and then it is not responding. Please help.

    • I don’t think that multiplayer would work with modded apk. Since, game has to connect with online server, which will detect the mod and will ban you from playing altogether. Therefore, Multiplayer feature is not included in Modded APK.

      • There is a way it’s custom patch from lucky patcher bro it willgive you a new cloud accou nt and preventing it from being banned

    • This maybe because, there’s any program installed in your phone that imposes restriction on changing the file name. I myself was successful in changing the file name.

      Note that you need to change the name of the folder, not the file or contents inside the folder.

      If you are unable to change the file name, then skip the step and install the modded apk, Game will download the content automatically on first run!

      • Thanks man. I did Skipp the changing the file step and installed the nodded apk and it did install the content it needs to run one I opened it

  42. the only thing is that i cannot play multiple player game coz wen i start the game , it appears that you have to update the game first then play… but there is no update as such on the play store… what should i do as i want to play the multiple player game ?

    • You canot play multiplayer on modded apk as you have to connect to online server. It can lead to detection of the modded apk and you can be banned from playing game.

  43. hey man its sam here if i wanna play mutiplayer what i have to do , i mean i know what i have to do likewise how to connect to tje online server i dont know it please help !!!! Thanks in advance

    • Playing multiplier means connecting to online server. If you connect with online server your mod will be detected and you’ll be banned from playing game. I think you don’t want that to happen.


  44. 1 moRe problem when i have downloaded the frist version open gl 0.3 It was not in hack mod so reinstalled and downloaded the open gl 0.4 . Well after that i was showing that i have to download 1444 Mb again so … Pls help me which 1n to download

    • It depends on your phone which OpenGL will be compatible. You can Google it to see your phone’s OpenGL. After installing mod, if game download additional data, let the game download it.

  45. I was running the official version of the game. I did what u said but after verifying files it says download additional 1418 MB. What is wrong?

  46. First off Love the hack. Second (I already know the answer, but here is to hope) Is there any plans on releasing a multiplayer version?

    • Playing multiplier means connecting to online server. If you connect with online server your mod will be detected and you’ll be banned from playing game. So, we don’t plan on releasing multiplayer version.


  47. Ty m8 this is Woking great . but problem with multi th thing is after i downloaded the mod it let’s buy all the car and all stufs but after 2 days i just got band from multiplayer so…… I was unable to play multi but in the connect part i have logged in with fb so i logged out and logged in with some other Account i was unbanded but process were gone but money and all were same [ don’t buy car all at once and play in multi may cause band again ]

    As only aim of the post is to show how to get unbanded frim multi and one more thing choose customer care service of the area like Some backward class countries this will help to get unband from multi because asphalt dsnt have customer care all over the world

    And thanks android veterans awsome help please see if you guys can get a cheat for Miniclip 8 ball poll multiplayer

    • Hack works. I suggest you to install the game from GooglePlay store. After installing, uninstall it without running the game. Then install the modded apk. Run the game and let the game download additional data. You’ll have unlimited money!

    • Playing multiplier means connecting to online server. If you connect with online server your mod will be detected and you’ll be banned from playing game. I think you don’t want that to happen.

    • Yeah, If you have already installed Asphalt 8 in your device, then rename the file before installing the modded apk. It will save you from downloading the Additional data again in Modded Game.

  48. Thanks for the MOD,but have encountered an error. It requires the Additional data. So i Replaced it with my previous data. My old data was main.17048.co and the new data required is main.17028.co. So I renamed my previous data and in game it shows 71mb required to be downloaded, but when i try downloading that 70 mb Download wont happen. Error stating Unstable Network. Kindly Help

    • if you save the Obb files before uninstalling the official apk, then you can save the current progress and you won’t need to download the data again!

  49. If i installed the moded apk and then bought some cars
    Then reinstalled the official will i still have the cars i bought with mod apk 😀 ??

    • No, The cars will be gone. However, if you save the Obb files before uninstalling the Modded apk, then you can get back the cars in official version. But there are very rare chances.

  50. Hi, I’ve myself test the game. I have fixed all problems. I will replace the download links with the working one tonight. Also video will be posted showing the working modded apk. Download links will be updated tonight.
    Keep visiting!

  51. oh my god sir !
    i did it ! haha
    BUT !
    i cant log in to facebook ..
    how about the multiplayer ?
    and if one day the update appear..?
    it will vanish the cheat or not ?
    can you answer sir ?

    • This a modded apk. You cannot go online in any way like connecting to facebook or multilayer. Because if you do, game will be detected and you will be banned from playing game!

    • Yes, it’ll be removed. But if you rename the obb file before uninstalling the market version, then obb files will not be lost

    • Do one thing. Install Game from Playstore.Play it for a while and then after uninstall the game, install the modded apk. It will fix the issue!

  52. Can you make hello hero hack?
    Can you give me the download link of modded hello hero apk that all unlimited everything?

  53. It worked I have everything thanks a lot
    Can I reinstall the market version so my achievements can be displayed on play games?

    • you can find SDcard in file manager. If you have SDcard not inserted in your device, the obb files will be in internal memory!

  54. I have downloaded the game from Samsung apps and d location of d game files is in data instead of bob
    It goes like :
    What should be changed in the folder name?

    • change the com.gameloft.android.GAND.GloftA8SS itself.
      However, you can also let the game to download in game content after installing the modded apk. It will work!

  55. I have change name and uninstall now from to doenload mod version .above link open facebook instead of asphalt 8 download

  56. I did as written by you, now when Ilaunch the game it says

    plz help me what to do now, I think when I uninstalled the game everything is lost.
    not able to do anything

  57. i have done all these steps but as the game runs it check required files and proceed to gamel oft but end automatically saying asphault 8 is unfortunately stopped

  58. Hi all. I’ve made exacly in descrip. I have an s3 lte 9305 android 4.4.4 i’ve installed apk mod put obb data in sd and when i open game says “data connection need. enable data connection wi-fi?” And i have yes and no. I allready have wifi on. If i hit no, nothing happens,if i press yes apear game logo gameloft and game crashes. Exit. And says that error asphalt 8 stop working. Any ideea? Thx

  59. When i open game says no data connection found. Turn on wifi? And i have yes an no. If i press no,nothing happens,if i press yes game logo gameloft apears ang game seem to load but imediatly crashes saying asphalt 8 has stop working. I have s3 lte android 4.4.4

  60. Could I use your modded APK with the existing Obb file from the original installation? In other words, before uninstalling the original game, could I move the original Obb file to another folder, install your modded APK, and then move the original OBB back to the Android>Obb folder? This way, I won’t have to download 1.5GB again (and possibly save my original progress).

  61. I cant install the modded apk.. they say that there is is a problem pursuing the package.. it is not wrking in my device.. 🙁

  62. How can you update this game?
    There’s a new update of this game says in the game
    I don’t know how to update?
    Can you help? Adroidveterans

    • when you will download the file.. you will find an APK file in it and an OBB file.. copy the OBB file to Sdcard/Android/OBB/here.

      and yes you need file manager to do that

  63. I followed the procedure mentioned above and its working fine in my Xperia L and Samsung galaxy core prime. But when i tried the same with my friend’s HTC desire 620g, its saying that there is no network available and there appears retry and cancel options..I tried by turning on the internet connection and then it says “invalid license”… what should i do to make it work? pls help!!

    • Uninstall the Modded version. Install game from Playstore.Run the game and see if it downloads the data or not. If game starts downloading in game data, then close the game. Uninstall market version and install the modded apk again. Hopefully it will work!

  64. Uff can u please explain how to install it on my nexus 5 ..i dont find that file u actually mentioned in ur installation process..please please elloborate it…thanq 🙂

    • Cannot install game. Run the apk file and it says game not installed. Also tried with apk installer same result. Any suggestions?

  65. Please help i had downloaded the moded apk but when i going to install it its showing me you need more space of 678 mb even i have more than 1 gb free in my storage space…. so please help me out

    • Please check you internet connection or the security settings of your device. I recommend you to download the apk file on computer and then transfer it to phone via usb cable. Then install the game.

  66. I am on level 8…the problem i am facing is..as soon as the game starts there is an upate dialog box…when i turn off the net the game works fine…my query is, i have never logged in with a google or facebook account…will i be able to restore my level after u provide us with the update ? Pls reply

    • Before installing the updated version. Save the Obb files somewhere. After installing the Updated version, copy back the obb files. Hopefully, it will save your progress but there are no guarantees.

  67. When I click to download the mega mod it takes me to zippyshare and says that the file does not exist on this site

  68. Please help I downloaded the apk everything is fine except the cars are all black and the race track is also completely Black please help

  69. Please help I downloaded the apk everything is fine except the cars cannot be seen all are black and the race track is also completely black.please help


    • Okay. Uninstall the Aphalt 8. Install the Modded APK and run the game. Let the game download in-game content.

      This will solve the problem. let me know if problem Persists


  71. I installed it and downloaded the required data but when I open it it says that there is an update required.
    When I update is 100% and is about to finish it shows me an error and I cant update it. I repeat it many times but it still doesn’t work. So can u upload version 1.9.1b please.

  72. Uhh i did work but… i cant use pro box….. the circle just keep spining forever, thus i cant do pro upgrade QQ

    • sir, i have been checking from time to time. until now no cheats for empires and allies, or alien creeps .. please upload i m waiting desperate….

  73. Great one man !!!! But i just need clash of clans hack now …. Can u please say me when u r uploading that … Ur every hack has worked on my phone … Just need coc hack … Pls try to do it soon thanks !!

  74. It only shows black background and says to update and when i turn off wifi the background is still black what the hell is happening i use zenphone 5 i tried to download both. 2.0 game works but does not have cheat and only have 1500 coins 3.0 has the black background and when i play only black screen

  75. after installing the modded device into the phone,,, how and from where do we install the game? from the play store or by opening the modded app??

    I opened modded app after installation to install the game but its not detecting my wifi signal

  76. Hi
    I use a one plus one the game is working great but I can’t use the blue tokens in the game the option just keeps loading… Please help
    Great hack by the way had been waiting for a long time for something like this… Thank you

  77. Hi
    I use a one plus one the game is working great but I can’t use the blue tokens in the game the option just keeps loading… Please help
    Great hack by the way had been waiting for a long time for something like this… Thank you

  78. Hi
    I use a one plus one the game is working great but I can’t use the blue tokens in the game the option just keeps loading… Please help
    Great hack by the way had been waiting for a long time for something like this… Thank you

  79. Can we play asphat 8 modded apk ver 2.2.0k without updating it to 2.2.1a . If we download asphalt from playstore without updating it we can’t play

  80. Hi guys..am having Xperia z2. it got downloaded successfully but if I open it then it is coming like unfortunately asphalt 8 has stopped.
    So pls help in this regard.

  81. Game should work if it was installed correctly. I suggest you to uninstall the modded apk, then go to Files>Android and in OBB forlder, remove any files that you think are associated with the Asphalt 8 that are present even after uninstalling the game. Then try installing The MOD again. Hopefully, it will work!

  82. Hey…i installed the asphalt 8…but i open the stages..they start download and then get stuck to 12 mb in one and 26 mb in other stage…its not opening…

  83. Hey when i Buy Car by AP make this problem and I don’t have connection in game when connect to google play or facebook make it Faild and cann’t play any level because all level need download and it’s didn’t download please help me

  84. Hey guys, thanks for this mod. It works pretty great. However, I have one problem: in the game, I can’t use the tokens to buy stuff. Whenever I try, I get a “Transaction failed” message. Should I try reinstalling? Thanks for reading 🙂

  85. Hi there.how to buy car with blue coins.i tried but not work.gold coins work great! I bouth all cars with gold hahaha thanks

  86. This worked beautifully for me. Downloaded on my samsung galaxy s4. Although first play in season 1 I had to download game data. Just try not to update the game on play store and u will be fine. Thanks so much for this game. God Bless u

  87. Dear Anderoid Veterans. I have downloaded the APK many times. The game starts but i can not purchase any car. I can not even upgrade the existing car. I am using Huwaei P9 Lite. Please give me some solution for this. Thanks.

  88. I have requested many times for the moded APK of Empires and Allies but still its not there. the last time when i requested was almost a year ago but still its not uploaded.
    Kindly upload if possible.
    Thanks for making this Website useful for us.

  89. Thanks for the MOD guys! Ive downloaded the latest version wich is v2.7.1 a but i have the update problem it asking for.. it’s already up to date! I need an advice please.

  90. hey guys,
    thanks for this amazing hack.i had just downloaded it and still had not opened the app but by seeing the comments below i had make up my mind that whatever you had done is guanine hard work.
    thanks guys… 🙂

  91. hey, i downloaded the official, real and latest version of asphalt 8 from play store
    quite a few days back…..
    Now i am at season 7 and i am confused should i download the moded version of the game from your site or i continue playing with the real version……

    PLZ tell me fast…

  92. Mine works fine but does it need to download the racetrack ? Some race track is playable but some needed to be downloaded first ?

  93. Mine works fine but does it need to download the racetrack ? Some race track is playable but some needed to be downloaded first ?


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