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Everything you need to know about Android M


Android 5.0 Lollipop has only reached to 10 percent of devices, so far. But well, Google is now in plans to launch Android 6.0. The new OS will be termed as Android M. Some snapshots got leaked in previous week that confirmed the new OS already in works. What will Android M feature? What will M represent in the name? When will Android M release? Here, we bring you everything regarding the latest Android M.


Android M Possible Names:

Google has been naming its Android versions after sweets. The company has been always following chronological order in naming the versions; starting with Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat and the latest being Lollipop.

The popular competitors for Android M name can be Milkshake, Marshmallow, Mars and Milky Way. Other contenders include Malteser, Macaroon, Meringue Pie, Mint, Milk Dud, Moon Pie, Muffin, M&Ms and Mud Cake. Tell us which one you like? I will go with Android Muffin as it is much impressive.

Android M Features:

Android M will be featuring significant improvements and changes. We can see revamped interface, Android Auto support, Google Fit support and more. Let’s discuss all the features below.

Design and Interface:

We can see material design to be fully implemented in Android M. The material design will give a unique feel and look to the interface. Some new animations and transition effects will also be added.

Android Auto

Google is now focusing much on Android Auto i.e. Android in your Car. Android M will be able to integrate in car independently. It means there will no need to connect or pair an Android phone for the purpose.

Android Wear (Google Fit etc.):

Apple Watch has already beaten Android Wear devices in terms of sales. Google will definitely be looking to fight back and give tough competition to Apple. Android may feature extensive support for Android Wear devices including Google Fit. We can expect app store exclusively for Android Wear devices like Apple Watch apps store.

Smart Home:

To give tough competition to Apple Home Kit, Android M can bring smart home functionality. This functionality will give you complete control of the electronics in the room. Google owned Nest and other manufacturers will be making controllable electronic devices. You can switch on/off bulbs, adjust air-conditioner cooling and do a lot more.


Google’s Android has always remained behind as far as security is concerned. This makes it easier for the hackers to make cheats and alter the OS. Google may tighten the security of its code. Moreover, features like find my phone and kill switch will be added to Chrome for quick access.

Improved Notifications:

Google is working to unify notifications across all the platforms. It means if you have checked a certain notification on your mobile, you will not be seeing it again on your PC or laptop. If so, this will be quite a useful addition! Apart from this, Google may add more customization options for notifications.

Other features:

Except these highlights, Google will certainly make some general improvements. These include Google Now integration, extreme power-saving mode, proper messaging hub, better syncing, improved parental controls, better performance and more gestures etc.

Android M Release Date:

Usually, Google announces its Android OS in I/O Conferences and the public version gets launched by the end of the year mostly in Oct or Nov. Google I/O will take place later this month on 28-29th May. Google is likely to unveil Android M in the event. Google may launch a new flagship loaded with Android M at the end of this year.

So guys, what are your thoughts on Android M? What features are you looking for in the OS? Share your views in comments section below.


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